23 Boozy Gifts Under $50 For The Cocktail-Lover In Your Life

Most millennials love a good drink—whether it be from the local bar down the street or from their bar at home. Whether they’re bar accessories or booze-themed accessories, these gifts under $50 are sure to be a hit with your friends and families. Plus, a major perk of giving bar items to your friends for the holidays is that the next time you go to their house to visit, it’s a good excuse for a homemade cocktail.

1. A cute, colorful rocks glass

The Highland tumblers from Reidel come in four colors (aqua, smoke, amber and reseda). Try pairing one with a printable recipe card (we made some here!) for an easy gift under ~$20.

2. Chic stemless wine glasses

These dishwasher-safe, Italian lead-free crystallized glasses are perfect for wine or other cocktails—or any other drink except coffee, really—for just ~$48 for a set.

3. A drink chiller ball

For ~$30, this stainless steel ball will help keep your favorite wine or drink cool no matter the temperature. They also offer custom engraving!s

4. Mini Moscow Mule mugs

These 2 oz. shot glasses are perfect for serving cold and frosty shots at your friend’s next party. Make the perfect Mule shot:

  • 1 ½ oz. vodka
  • ½ oz. ginger beer
  • 1 tsp. lime juice

5. Stainless steel whiskey chillers

These whiskey chillers (~$30) will keep your liquor ice-cold without diluting or watering it down, letting you keep tasting the complex flavors till the very last drop.

6. A really honest mug

This mug that says “this might be wine” (~$15) will work for a funny weekday morning at the office or an actual weekend morning at home.

7. A nice decanter

Skip the crystal (ew, lead poisoning) and go for vintage cut glass with a nice decanter from Etsy (~$29).

8. A cocktail-making set for a beginner home bar

Give them everything they’ll need for slinging drinks at their home bar, plus a nice holder, for less than $30 with this cocktail tool kit.

9. A Mason jar shaker

If your friend is shabby chic-obsessed, help keep their home bar in theme with this Mason jar shaker and wooden muddler for $19.

10. DIY bitters kit

Spice up your cocktails or add bitters to a glass of sparkling water for a light, refreshing tonic with this do-it-yourself bitters kit for $45.

11. Mad Men-style highball bar glasses

Get your Don Draper on (professionally, not personally) with these gold-rimmed vintage glasses from the 1960s (~$24 for 6).

12. Cocktail-shaker lapel pins

Get these pins in coral pink or black enamel, with gold-plated, etched-in details for just ~$10 for one or $18 for two.

13. Carry-on cocktail ingredients

Mix two delicious cocktails mid-flight for ~$25 with this travel-size kit from Jack Spade—whether you want an Old Fashioned, a gin-and-tonic, a Moscow Mule or a Bloody Mary.

14. Ingredients seeds to grow at home

Give your craft cocktail-obsessed friend a chance to grow their own ingredients at home with this seed packet that includes six packets—thyme, lavender, Thai basil, mint, lemon balm and blue borage (~$12).

15. Cocktail candies

These non-alcoholic, boozy candies (Champagne Bears, Champagne Bubbles and Peach Bellinis) will help you get the party started (~28).

16. Artisanal cocktail mix

For effortless entertaining, stock the bar with Williams-Sonoma blood orange/satsuma mandarin cocktail mix (~$17), which pairs with vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey or gin—pretty much any liquor you have.

17. Cocktails with a literary twist

A great treat for barflies and book clubs, Tequila Mockingbird is the ultimate cocktail book for the literary-obsessed (~$9).

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18. Barrel-aged spirits

This kit comes with two honeycombed, charred-oak barrel staves that allow you to quickly age your spirit of choice (vodka, gin or clear rum) right in the bottle (~$20).

19. Crafts cocktail syrups

Each bottle contains 8-9 pours, and can be used in anything from cocktails to sodas to even wine (~$28 for two).

20. Comical fridge magnets

These alcohol-themed refrigerator magnets (~$6 for 6) are sure to get a giggle out of holiday party gifts or out-of-town guests.

21. Bloody Mary-making set

Designed for the Bloody Mary-lover, this set contains Walker’s Southern Bloody Mary Mix, cocktail skewers composed of pickle, green olive, red pepper and pearl onion, and aged cheddar cheese straws (~$43).

22. No-muddling Old Fashioned kit

Skip the muddling and make a whole bottle of Old Fashioned cocktails with this DIY kit—just add your favorite rye or bourbon.

23. Shaker cufflinks

These sterling-silver handmade cufflinks shaped like a cocktail shaker and a martini glass are perfect for your cocktail-loving partner, brother or dad (~$31).

24. A goPuff Surprise Delivery

Surprise your friends or family with a delivery of their favorite alcohol directly to their door with agoPuff order. Nothing says thinking of you like their favorite bottle of Cab. You can even save on the order with these goPuff promo codes.

Literally, Darling received Riedel Highland Tumblers, Sparkling Ice, Snowe Stemless Wine Glasses, Napa Wine Chiller, BOS Mugshots and Balls of Steel at no cost as potential products for review.

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