January Tarotscopes

      Tarotscopes combine Tarot and astrology (two of my absolute favorite things!) in order to clarify what’s ahead, what’s happening now, and what’s behind. Read on to see what January has in store for your sign!

Sagittarius: Ten of Wands

     It’s been a rough year, Sagittarius. Your card for January comes with a bittersweet (but mostly sweet) message. The Ten of Wands is all about success, but it’s also about the responsibility that comes with that success.

You’ve worked
hard the past few years and you’re about to see the reward. Your newfound maturity brings with it an increased sense of responsibility, which can feel claustrophobic to your free-wheeling, fiery self. Venus enters Pisces on January 3, pushing your attention towards your home and relationships. This is a deserved time of quiet bliss for you. Stability doesn’t need to be a burden, Sagittarius. You’ve earned some relaxation: choose to bask in it.

     On January 12, we greet a full moon in Cancer. Expect intense emotions and heightened intuition around this time. Make sure to listen to your gut, there are important messages coming regarding stressors in your life. Wands are tied to the element of fire, which is where you feel at home. Remember, however, that too much fire causes burnout. Be on the lookout for “too much of a good thing”. Evaluate whether any of your passions or ambitions are causing you more harm than good. Moderation is key here, Sagittarius.

     January 27 brings a new moon in Aquarius, providing the perfect opportunity for a fresh start to the year. Extra fuel comes from Mars in Aries on January 28, kicking your passion and determination into high gear. Take advantage of this extra energy, Sagittarius, but don’t forget that message about burnout. Apply yourself strategically in order to reap maximum rewards with minimum emotional duress.

Capricorn: Death/reversed

     January is full of changes for you, Capricorn! Your card for the month is Death reversed.  The Death card challenges us to accept difficult changes for the better and leave toxicity in the past.

     The reversed aspect of this card warns that this can be especially challenging for you, Capricorn. Like your earthy cousins Taurus and Virgo, you prefer when things go according to plan. There’s a sense of unease and anxiety going into this month, caused by your subconscious knowledge that change is coming. Death is a promise that while change will be difficult, it is necessary. Embrace it. Mercury (retrograde) moves into Sagittarius on January 4, causing you to reminisce about the end of the year last year. Retrograde is a great time for addressing past issues left unresolved, but Death reversed urges you to confront these issues and then move on. Do your best not to dwell. It’s easy to idealize the past when the future is uncertain. Remember there are better days ahead if you can leave the past where it belongs—in the past.

     On January 7, the Sun meets Pluto in Capricorn, bringing about an intense time of personal transformation. Let go of old ideas that are no longer serving you and be reborn. This month will be full of career opportunities for you. Everyone knows you’re ambitious, Capricorn (you’d never let us forget) but make sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Prioritize opportunities as they come, and focus on the most important ones while knowing when to say “no”. 

     The Full Moon in Cancer on January 12 brings new perspective surrounding personal relationships. Again, Death is a reminder that the end of each phase of our life signals the beginning of another. Examine toxic patterns in your relationships and make the decision to leave them behind. While the month progresses quickly, Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius on January 19, throwing barriers in the way of all these positive changes. Don’t despair—now is the time to accept that you can’t plan every aspect of your life. Sometimes, the best path is the path of least resistance. Let the universe does the work for you, eliminating parts of your life that you cling to desperately even though they’re bad for you. This time—just this once Capricorn—allow the change to come without a fight. You’ll be thanking yourself this time next year.


Pisces: Eight of Swords/reversed

     January will be an emotionally intense month for you, Pisces (but then again, what month isn’t for you?) Your card for the month is the Eight of Swords reversed. The Eight of Swords brings us messages of isolation, self imposed suffering, denial, and self delusion. It’s not all bad though!

    You’re extra motivated at the beginning of this month when Mars and Neptune meet in your sign. The Eight of Swords reversed signals that you’ve recognized a need to make changes, and are progressing in the right direction. Now is the opportune time to make those changes you’ve been putting off. On January 3, Venus enters Pisces, making you absolutely irresistible–just make sure you don’t use your powers of seduction to avoid deeper emotional work that needs to be done. This Mercury retrograde has been a tough one for you, but you’re in the final stretch! Take time for reflection, but be extra cautious not to fall into a pit of self-pity.


     January 12 brings a new moon in fellow water sign Cancer, giving you the energy to kickstart a new creative project. Eight of Swords brings some suffering, but channel those struggles into your creativity to pull yourself out of the isolation this card forewarns. January 19 brings the Sun into Aquarius, heightening your sensitivity and intuition. Break out your Tarot cards or journal to shed light on outside factors you may be ignoring. The Eight of Swords often depicts a figure wearing a blindfold, and now is the time to remove it and see things for what they are.

    On January 23, Mercury works in combination with Neptune in Pisces, bringing a broader sense of connection with the world. This connection will be important during the new moon in Aquarius on January 27. You need to keep an extra eye on your mental health, and it will be important to turn to friends or a professional for help. Your usual route of withdrawal won’t do you any good. Embrace community. The end of the month brings renewed energy (remember that blindfold we talked about removing? You finally see the light!) with Mars entering Aries on January 28. You’ll feel confident, energized, and motivated. Even the darkest nights see sunrise eventually.


Virgo: Page of Wands/reversed

     The past few weeks have been rough for you, Virgo. With your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde, the structure you hold so dearly has been missing in action, and Mercury will continue to be in retrograde until January 8. Nowhere does this read more clearly than in your card for the month: the Page of Wands reversed.

     The Page cards in Tarot often represent messages or messengers, and Wands tie closely to communication as well. The reversal of this card indicates difficulty communicating effectively. Some relief comes on January 3 when Venus enters Pisces. Venus in Pisces fosters harmony and connection with others. January 12 sees a full moon in Cancer, tapping you into your emotional side, often neglected in favor of your practical to-do lists. This moon will also have you reevaluating your friendships: are they the kind of connections you want in your life? The Page of Wands reversed beckons us to acknowledge the negative effects of shallow relationships. This may be a good time to weed out your friends list so you can devote your energy to those who really deserve it.

     This is also a great time for redefining your goals for the year ahead. There’s been a lot of confusion the past few months: time to refocus and move ahead. These goals will get an extra boost on January 28, when Mars enters Aries, making you bolder and more confident than usual. There’s some tense aspects in the sky near the end of this month for you, Virgo. Do your best to channel any frustration into a creative or productive outlet. A disruption of routine is especially trying for yo, but the Page of Wands reversed warns against irritability and tantrums. People may not seem as willing to help as you would like, but you’ve got this. Your determination and ability to organize will serve you well in the months to come.


Aquarius: Two of Cups

     We’re coming up on Aquarius season! This month has some great things in store for you, Aquarius, and this is confirmed by your card for the month: Two of Cups! The Two of Cups brings messages of happiness, harmony, equal partnerships, and a meeting of minds.

     Whenever we talk harmony, however, it’s important to remember the work that goes into creating balanced partnerships! In order to welcome deep and healthy love, it’s important to find a deep love for yourself. When Venus enters Pisces on January 3, you’ll be feeling yourself in a big way! Your confidence soars, but Mercury retrograde brings the lurking suspicion that things may be too good to be true. Instead of letting the critical voices in your head speak the loudest, take some time to yourself for introspection. You’ll be sure to get a clearer view of things. Mercury retrograde is also an excellent time to reconnect with old friends, and the Two of Cups is a great omen for repairing or strengthening bonds that may have been neglected recently.

     The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19, bringing your season with it! Expect some interpersonal difficulties this month, but don’t let them bring you down! Instead, this is a valuable time to look at how you express yourself when dealing with conflict—you can have a hard time seeing others’ point of view, Aquarius, and now is the time to think about how you can be a more compassionate friend or partner and invite more compassion into your life in turn. The new moon in Aquarius on January 27 will bring a time of emotional transformation, and it’s important to really think about what you want and need from friends and partners. In order to experience the joy of the Two of Cups, you first need to identify what brings you joy. 


Taurus: Ten of Cups/reversed

     Domestic life usually comes easily to you, Taurus, but this month’s card is the Ten of Cups reversed. While Ten of Cups upright symbolizes domestic bliss, its reversed aspect signals some upset in domestic life, and a struggle to achieve the kind of harmony and nurturing that usually comes easily to you.

     The month starts off well, with Venus (your ruling planet) entering Pisces on January 3. You’ll be feeling lots of love for those close to you at this time. However, Mercury remains retrograde until January 8th, and you’ll likely find yourself in the middle of petty arguments, unnecessary drama, and ever-changing plans—which we know you hate. Mercury enters Sagittarius on January 4, making it likely you’ll run into an old flame that caused you some damage. You’re known for your loyalty, Taurus, but recognize when you’re better off without someone.

     The 10 of Cups reversed can also indicate that any strife you’re feeling is a direct result of not being true to yourself: are you living in alignment with your highest good? If not, you’re in luck: the Sun enters the inventive sign of Aquarius on January, making it easy for you to be true to yourself, regardless of what others think. This self-affirming way of thinking will become especially important on Jan 27 when Venus in Pisces meets Saturn in Sagittarius. People close to you may not show you the loyalty you deserve, but try to take it in stride instead of wallowing. The new moon in Aquarius the same day will signify a fresh start to take you into the new year, focusing on what you need to give yourself instead of seeking from others.


Gemini: Queen of Wands

     Gemini, you have a natural charisma, but for the past few weeks your ruling planet of Mercury has been in retrograde, causing miscommunications, drama, and some hurt feelings. Your commanding energy can sometimes be interpreted as, uh, rude, but you know better. Your card for the month, the Queen of Wands reminds us that you’re a Boss, not “bossy”. She brings hope that you’ll hit your stride again soon.

     Like Gemini, she is full of charisma, ability, energy, imagination and intuition. She also shares your darker side that dabbles in the realm of mystery. Until Mercury goes direct on January 8th, focus on revisiting your close relationships and how you can achieve more balance in the months to come. Your needs are ever changing, and retrograde is a great time to reevaluate what you really need now. Venus enters Pisces on January 12, bringing back that intense magnetism you (and the Queen of Wands) are known for. The full moon in Cancer on January 12 will prove to be an especially emotional time, so embrace this and try not to over-intellectualize. On January 29, Mercury joins Pluto in Capricorn, amplifying the darker side of the Queen of Wands. Keep an eye out for your more manipulative tendencies—with great charm comes great responsibility, Gemini.


Scorpio: Nine of Cups

     Your independence is one of your greatest assets, Scorpio, and your card for the month embraces it! The Nine of Cups is all about self sufficiency and enjoying the fruits of your own labor without the need for outside validation.

     Mars in Pisces at the beginning of the month will bring confusion and unpredictability. People will waver between intense aggression and passivity, but pay it no mind! You’ve got your own plans, and you don’t need the go-ahead from anyone else to get started! Mercury in retrograde adds to the confusion at the beginning of the month, but also serves as a great time for reflection. The Nine of Cups asks you to reflect on the difference between confidence and arrogance. Know your strengths, but recognize your weaknesses. Know how to listen to the criticisms of others, while also understanding when outside opinions should be disregarded. 

     The full moon in Cancer on January 12 has you reevaluating what you want out of life. After some deep thought, make your wish for the new year! The Nine of Cups is also known as the wish card. Anything you set your mind to at this time will come to fruition! By January 27, things will be going your way with ease, amplified by the new moon in Aquarius that brings a fresh start to most aspects of your life! The cherry on top comes on January 28, when Mars enters Aries. You’ll have the energy to move full-steam ahead on manifesting the wishes you made at the beginning of the month!

     An especially powerful aspect comes for you on January 29, when Mercury comes together with Pluto in Capricorn. Now is the time to address the things that may be holding you back from manifesting your best life. You like control, Scorpio, so really evaluate whether you’re using that control to grow as a person or manipulating others around you in order to avoid looking inward. Make sure your success isn’t coming at too great a cost.


Libra: Page of Pentacles

     You’re not one to shy away from earthly delights, Libra, and your card for the month, the Page of Pentacles, bodes well for new beginnings, good luck, and prosperity in January!

     January starts with your ruling planet, Venus, in Pisces. Life will have an indulgent, fun-loving quality. Be cautious of overindulgence, however: the Page of Pentacles offers a warning of turning to material excess during times of emotional insecurity, which has been a problem during Mercury retrograde. The full moon in Cancer on January 12 brings healing, preparing you for the beginning stages of long term success represented by this card. Any professional moves you make now will likely come under scrutiny, however: make sure you’re ready to defend them.

     Venus in Pisces works together with Pluto in Capricorn on January 20 to ground you, and the Page of Pentacles brings focus to your home life. The new moon in Aquarius on January 27 will turn your focus outwards so you can begin on new projects, social engagements, and romantic pursuits (all of which the Page of Pentacles encourages). When Mars enters Aries on January 28, there’s an aggressive energy in the air, which conflicts with your strong desire for harmony at any cost. Do your best to channel this energy into determination in your new pursuits instead of letting it overwhelm you.


Aries: Five of Wands/reversed

     You love excitement, Aries, and this month brings plenty! Your card of the month, the Five of Wands reversed, brings a warning about how you handle all that passion and excitement.

     Five of Wands reversed indicates competition and conflict that may have started as healthy fun, but has taken a turn for the worse. Are you being too passive? Or are you the one steamrolling others? Everyone loves you for your fiery nature, but be conscious of how hot you’re running this month. With Mercury in retrograde until January 8, miscommunications abound, and it would be best to pick your battles. Mars in Pisces connects with Pluto in Capricorn on January 11, forcing you to wrestle with certain truths about yourself. Are you expressing your anger in a healthy way? Does your power come from a grounded place within, or are you asserting yourself by dominating others? We know you love a spirited debate, Aries, but don’t be afraid to play nice with others this month, especially in your career network. An important connection could help you get ahead this month. 

     January 12 brings a new moon in Cancer, tempering your aggressive energy with a more sensitive, dreamy vibe. Expect issues to arise with family or roommates (it’s likely they’ve been brewing for a while), but instead of immediately taking a defensive position, try to hear people out. Mars in Pisces opposes Saturn in Sagittarius on January 19, bringing obstacles with it. Now we see the other side of the Eight of Wands, which is less about cooperation and more about knowing when to stand your ground. On January 28 Mars enters your sign, making you even more bold and brash than usual. This energy can be extra daunting for others, so try your best to be gentle while still standing firm in your beliefs.


Cancer: Eight of Pentacles

     This month brings lots of action to love and relationships in your life, Cancer. Interestingly enough, your card for the month is the Eight of Pentacles. Pentacles are traditionally associated with the material world: career, home, and money. The Eight of Pentacles this month does center around hard work, but more in the area of love and friendships. Are you willing to put in the hard work and attention to detail it takes to craft healthy, fulfilling relationships?

     The month starts off with Mercury in retrograde, which may be causing some strife in your personal life. Be sure to take criticisms with a grain of salt and avoid internalizing everything. You’re notorious for dwelling in the past. While Mercury retrograde provides the perfect time to reflect, be ready to move forward full speed when it goes direct on January 8.

     January 12 brings a full moon in your sign, forcing you to examine the balance in your relationships. You bring a nurturing energy to your partnerships, but you need to make sure you’re putting in the inner work (confronting even what you’d rather keep hidden in your shell) in order to truly be there for those you care about. A new moon in Aquarius on January 27 brings respite and healing from emotional labor. The next day Mars enters Aries, giving you an extra boost towards your more traditionally “Pentacles” oriented goals: career and finances. This month is work, Cancer, but after work comes reward.


Leo: The High Priestess/reversed

     You are normally overflowing with feminine power and attraction, Leo. This month’s card for you, the High Priestess reversed indicates a disconnect in your subconscious that has you feeling uncharacteristically lackluster.

     This comes as no surprise considering we’re starting January off with Mercury in retrograde. Expect cancelled plans and stupid arguments. In order to harness the energy of the High Priestess upright (powerful, divine, and intuitive), it’s important to take care of yourself during this retrograde. You love a good pampering session, so break out your face masks and bubble bath! Venus enters Pisces on January 3, and you’re likely to begin questioning if you connect with your partner(s) on a deep enough level to satisfy you. The High Priestess reversed indicates a lack of depth. Try to take an honest look.

      Pluto joins the Sun in Capricorn on January 7, encouraging you to acknowledge and accept your shadow side, an integral part of ascending to the higher power of the High Priestess. On January 12, use the energy from the full moon in Cancer to reconnect with your subconscious. You’ve been neglecting it at your own peril. The new moon in Aquarius on January 27 brings fresh insight into who you should prioritize in the coming months. Are you satisfied with surface-level flirtation? The High Priestess thinks not. Focus on meaningful connections that help you grow. Mars enters Aries on January 28, bringing back your fire and catapulting you into February with a new perspective and lofty goals. You’ve got it in you to turn that High Priestess upright, Leo, but it’s going to take some deep self-examination to get there. It will be worth it, I promise.


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