16 Grilled Cheese To Make All Your Dreams Come True

Grilled cheese is arguably the king of all comfort foods. Whenever I have a dismal day or my period arrives, I crave the embrace of melted cheese on twice slices of golden toasted bread. A few bold flavors creates a grilled cheese phenomenal. Those few star components allow for a fulfilling meal and a happy belly.

If you are a grilled cheese purist, then stop reading now. I do hope, however, that your curiosity will be peaked by the seemingly endless grilled cheese combinations. Thanks to the versatility of the world’s favorite comfort food, there are entire restaurants devoted to gourmet grilled cheeses such as The Yard in Pittsburgh, Melt in Ohio, and Grilled Cheese and Co. in Maryland. These innovative cheesy combos combinations can range from a piled high Pittsburgh-style sandwich of coleslaw and fries (admittedly, an acquired taste) to a five cheese extravaganza.

 Hot, melted cheese and other types of gooey goodness are absolutely vital to these recipes, but it’s not just the filling that defines the success of a grilled cheese. Bread can also make or break these masterpieces. Whichever type of bread you choose must  complement the chosen fillings and be carefully toasted and topped with a touch of butter. Be warned: An under-toasted grilled cheese just is a soggy cheese sandwich.

Inspiration for the cheesy combinations below abounds not only from restaurants but also my peers. Feel free to make the grilled cheese with your own twist. I’ve included my own suggestions for bread types below, but a thick-cut Italian loaf is always a safe option.


Toasty Grilled Cheese Compilations

  1. Freshly sliced granny smith apple with colby on wheat

  2. Camembert with a cranberry relish on brioche

  3. Roasted mushrooms and dill with goat cheese on herb roasted bread


  4. Grilled fall vegetables like squash, zucchini and shallots with mascarpone and asiago on Italian bread

  5. Spicy tomato jam with roasted tomato slices and provolone on ciabatta

  6. Avocado with cilantro, julienned veggies ( red onion, red peppers, cabbage), spicy gouda and cotija cheese on pita


  7. Burrata, Monterey Jack and spicy gouda on multi-grain bread

  8. Sliced Heirloom tomato with buffalo mozzarella on ciabatta

  9. An over-easy egg with pancetta, whole grain mustard,white American cheese on wheat


  10. Poutine inspired: short rib, scallions and cheese curds on Irish Soda bread

  11. Candied bacon with gruyere cheese and arugula on ciabatta

  12. Blackberries with port wine cheese on brioche


  13. Smoked mozzarella, smoked gouda and shaved parmesan on foccacia bread

  14. Andouille sausage with creole mustard and sautéed garlic spinach on french bread

  15. Fried onion straws, horseradish, Irish porter cheese and manchego onTexas-style toast

  16. Smoked cheddar cheese on Italian bread (end on a classic)


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