Women Whose Vocals Inspire Me

I’ve been working with Literally, Darling for nearly two years. It’s become more and more apparent in recent months that this group of writers, creators, and dreamers is a strong one. It’s a supportive one. When any one of us falls, there is always someone to catch us—to make us feel appreciated and loved. To remind us, hey, you’re not alone. The coolest part is that we’re not only spread out across the States, but across the globe. Literally, Darling has given me a global community of intelligent, brave, talented women.

But in light of recent news, I’ve been feeling like I can’t find the right words to say. And even when I do manage to find the words, the timing feels wrong. As I write this, I’m feeling hesitant. Does anyone really need a new playlist to listen to? Should I be spending my time more productively?

Maybe my timing is off. Maybe you don’t need this playlist. Maybe I could be spending my time more productively. But so much of my strength stems from music and when I can’t find the right words, music finds them for me. When I’m feeling anxious, music calms me. When it seems like everything is falling apart, music gives me the strength to fight.

This playlist is a collection of songs featuring women whose voices amaze me. And like the ladies who write for Literally, Darling, these musicians are from across the States and across the globe alike. From Sweden’s Sabina Ddumba and Seinabo Sey, to Australia’s Tonight Alive and Little May; New Zealand’s Gin Wigmore and Broods, to the U.K.’s Ella Eyre and London Grammar. These women have some of the coolest voices I’ve ever heard—the kind of voices that leave you feeling.

While it surely won’t solve the world’s problem, at the very least, I sincerely hope this playlist gives you something—a new artist to support, a song to encourage you to find the words escaping you, or a song to spark your fire to fight.


Image Credit: Seth Doyle via Unsplash 

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