British Products Worth The International Shipping Costs

Like most Anglophiles, I spend a disproportionate amount of my time wondering when I can return to the British isles and stock up on my favorite goods. When I do finally get to return, I pack an extra bag primarily just so I can bring back enough tea to last for a year. Unfortunately, each time I seem to be running out faster and faster, and have finally bit the bullet and started paying the international shipping.

These are the things I deem it worthwhile to spend the extra money on as I’ve been unable to find their equivalent in the U.S.

Ali Miller Tea Sets

I spent an abnormal amount of time trying to find the perfect tea set. They were all either too mod or to old lady, and I despaired of ever finding one that fit my aesthetic. Enter Ali Miller who creates whimsical, abstract, and utterly unique approaches to the classic tea set. I’ve been slowly collecting the Home Sweet Home UK and Ireland Map set but have my eyes on the Alice set.

Word of Advice: Order now. As these get more popular the prices keep going up!


B Skincare Lotions

I have become a huge fan of only putting natural ingredients on my skin. Chemicals and unreadable ingredients destroy my sensitive uber-dry skin. On a trip to Cornwall I discovered these small jars of Rose and Honey moisturizer and I was hooked. All their products are created on their family Cornish farm with beeswax bases and made from local Cornish ingredients. It made my skin soft and supple, was never too thick or too light, and was multipurpose enough to use on my face and arms. I stopped buying any lotions at Sephora and have taken to making two large orders a year, which still don’t cost as much as regular purchases of Philosophy products.

Word of advice: Try the rose oil for super dry skin, the face wash for makeup remover, and the muscle and joint cream for aches and pain.

Tea Palace loose tea

If like me you have a penchant for flavored teas and also do not get to London regularly, you need to order from Tea Palace immediately. Made with rich black teas and mixed with British dried fruits, these not only give you a very real taste of Britain, but they’re bold flavorful teas in beautiful packages. With names like Covent Garden (delightful peppermint undertones), Notting Hill (super vanilla), and Afternoon at the Palace (Darjeeling blend) you get a delightful British taste but without the kitschy touristy blends you find at the airport.

Word of Advice: Try the Queen of Berries—it tastes like the freshest summer British strawberries and is like drinking jam (in a good way). Also, get the rush shipping. It’s barely more expensive and it makes the difference between a month and a week in getting your tea.

British Book Covers

Admittedly this is a bit of a personal preference, but I’ve been spoiled by the beautiful book covers I find abroad. Whether it be the UK Penguin Classics, the Harry Potter collection, or your average fiction novel, if I’m buying a book by a British author, I want it with the British cover. I want pretty covers that can double as artwork for my home.

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Word of Advice: You don’t actually have to pay shipping on this, you can find the covers you love at WH Smith and buy on Book Depository with no international shipping!

Fashion & Beauty

There’s something wonderfully delightful about the simplistic and classy British style you see walking through the streets. Stores like BodenTopShop, River Island, and ASOS are slowly making their way across the pond and you don’t have to worry about international shipping. You can look effortlessly stylish and ahead of the fashion trends in your own suburb without ever having to leave the country.


Baking Books

Everyone knows that The Great British Bakeoff is essentially the only food show worth watching these days, but mastering the bakes can seem impossible. But rest assured, the BBC, as ever, has you covered with a line of Great British Bakeoff cookbooks, along with some of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood‘s individual classics. Your local bookshop might not have it, but you can definitely get them on Amazon.


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