5 YouTube Workouts That Don’t Suck

Yet another challenge to in-debt millennials trying to live active lifestyles is establishing a regular winter workout routine without spending $80 per month on a gym membership. At least when it’s warm outside, we can take advantage of running or biking in the great outdoors but that’s a little harder to do when the sidewalks are covered in ice. Lucky for anyone with decent floor space and an internet connection, YouTube is full of workouts that you can do in your living room, or dorm room, or bedroom. They require little space, no equipment, and are free as long as you have adequate wifi. While some YouTube workout instructors are so annoying that they make you want to toss your laptop across the room, I’ve found a few YouTube workout channels that are consistently great.



Average workout length: 10 minutes

Exercise: Pop Pilates

This ain’t your aunt’s ’80s pilates video; Pop Pilates is a mix of traditional pilates paired great dance music so you don’t get bored. Host Cassey Ho is peppy, upbeat, and a fitness clothing designer. Her workouts emphasize building up your core strength and stabilizing your entire body. She has a ton of videos and workout plans to choose from, if you can stay away from her e-commerce site long enough to do them.


Rebecca Louise

Average workout length: 10 minutes

Exercise: Pilates & Yoga

Be prepared for some scenery envy. Rebecca Louise works out poolside, on gorgeous beaches, and in front of breathtaking mansions. AND she has an adorable puppy that makes guest appearances in her videos—a very welcome distraction from your aching butt muscles  during the hip bridges.


Tone It Up

Average workout length: 15 minutes

Exercise: HIIT, Cardio, & Abs

Tone It Up is a great channel whose workouts are lead by a team of badass ladies. Some of the videos require bands or light hand weights weights, but I’ve found using textbooks is just as effective (gotta find some use for them, am I right?!). There is huge diversity in the kinds of workout videos: they have everything from HIIT kickboxing cardio to arm routines so you can’t go wrong when deciding how to get your sweat on. Their house music soundtracks will definitely get you pumped up.


Boho Beautiful

Average workout length: 15–25 minutes

See Also

Exercise: Yoga & Yogalates

This channel is run by GF-BF team Juliana and Mark, who travel the world and make fitness videos (where can I sign up for that career?!). The scenery is great, the music is relaxing, and the yoga is mega amazing. I’ve found their videos very escapist and peaceful, so if you can’t afford a Spring Break trip at least you have YouTube. The workouts are all yoga routines, but most of them are very yogalates-esque—a mash up of the flexibility aspects of yoga with the core strengthening powers of pilates.


Tara Stiles

Average workout length: 10–15 minutes

Exercise: Yoga

I’ve included another yoga channel in this fitness list because we all need some more chill in our lives right now. Tara offers a wide variety of yoga (including prenatal), so she has something for everyone. She is funky, chill, and has great meditation tips if that is your thing. I’ve tried several different yoga channels on YouTube and Tara is the one I keep coming back to. She isn’t too corny, her outfits are envy-worthy, and I honestly feel so much better after I complete one of her videos. She has the voice of a trustworthy friend and I need to find out where she buys her leggings.

Nothing beats combating the wintry blues like being active, but the upbeat music and amazing scenery in these videos also don’t hurt. You’ll be surprised how quickly your core strength improves just by doing body weight exercises a few times a week. If nothing else, these workout videos are a great way to escape the stressful sh*t all over the internet these days. Do you have any favorite YouTube workout channels? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @litdarling!

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