Treat Your Inner Witch: Spellcrafting with the Lush Valentine’s Day Range

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and whether you live for it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, Lush has tons of beautiful limited edition goodies up for grabs for the holiday. I work (super) part time at Lush as a sales ambassador (and have for over four years) and over the years I’ve had a blast incorporating Lush products into my witchery! The Lush Valentine’s Day range is full of essential oils, flower essences, and all the best bits and bobs, so it’s a no-brainer for some effortless witchcraft.  

To me, witchcraft is a practice of radical self love. It’s a way to recognize, embrace, and manifest your power to shape your reality in a tangible way. In fact, I almost always take a bath before I start any night of witchery. It gets me in a focused and peaceful state of mind, which is valuable for everyone, witch or not! If you’re on the self-care train but not sure if you’re ready to step into the world of witchery, the oils and herbs used in these products boast a slew of aromatherapeutic effects as well! Whether you just want to treat yourself to a totally Instagram-able bath or you’re down with your witchy side, here’s some great uses for the Valentine’s Day range. Remember: the most important and longest-lasting love you’ll have in this life is yourself.


If you’ve been down in the dumps and are looking for a reset…

Photo from Lush USA website

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

For starters, this bubble bar looks like the heart-eyes emoji, so there’s no way to come out of this bath with a sour face. Lemon oil refreshes and brings happiness, Geranium packs a mood-elevating punch, while Petitgrain adds focus and clarity.

Extra Credit: Light a white candle dressed with lemon oil and gaze at it while you bathe. Imagine the warmth and light of the flame filling you, spreading from your navel and out until you’re filled with warmth and happiness.


If you’ve been through a tough break up and you need some extra self-love…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Over and Over Bath Bomb

This is one of my favorites of the bunch! Cocoa Butter makes your skin baby soft (witches like to have soft skin, too) while Lime gives you energy, Fennel brings courage, and Orris has you feelin’ yourself. This bomb also has Cypress Oil, which is used to ease painful transitions. A big breakup often feels like grieving a death, and Cypress trees have long been planted in cemeteries in Mediterranean regions. Cypress is often thought to be a symbol of comfort and solace, easing difficult life transitions.

Extra Credit: While bathing, write down all your sadness, grief, anger: any emotions you’re feeling that you want to let go of. Imagine them flowing down the drain after your bath, and then burn the paper you wrote them on (in a fire-safe dish with water close at hand).


If you feel like you’ve been too focused on outside criticism or validation (hello, Instagram likes and comments!) lately…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Two Hearts Beating as One Luxury Bath Melt

Drop this little guy in your tub and watch as it melts into a luxurious oil. Cocoa Butter brings a nurturing vibe, while Almond Oil aids in overcoming dependencies (including your social media addiction). Apricot Oil and Jasmine act as aphrodisiacs (so you can give yourself the love you deserve), while Argan Oil amplifies beauty. Bergamot and Geranium uplift your mood, and Ylang-Ylang helps transmute negative self-criticism into positive self-love. You’ll leave the bathtub with soft skin and a softer heart, regardless of what you’re hearing from the outside.

Extra Credit: After your bath, take a moment to write a list of your best qualities. Put it somewhere you can see it every day.


If you need some luck in love….

Photo from Lush USA website

Love You, Love You Lots Soap

Maybe you want to do some easy Lush Valentine’s Day witchery, but you don’t have a bath tub (or are disgusted by the entire concept of baths a la Chandler Bing). Love You, Love You Lots Soap is for you! This lovely bar soap has Rose infusion, Rose Syrup, Rose Petals, and Rose Oil, so they’re laying it on thick with the whole love thing. There’s also Coconut Oil to give you a nice, creamy lather and bring you the luck you need!

Extra Credit: Wash your hands and body with this soap, and then write a list of all the qualities you’d like in a mate. Set a piece of Rose Quartz on top of the paper and put it somewhere safe. Now keep your eye out for the person of your dreams!


If you’re planning a self-love ritual, and want to do a pre-ritual bath…

Photo from Lush USA website

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

This is another one of my favorites in the range. It’s simple, smells amazing, and has some potent metaphysical properties. Cocoa Butter comes to the skin-softening party again, while Vanilla amplifies love and spiritual energy. Brazilian Orange Oil brings joy while Olive Oil heals and protects so you can get down to witchy business. Bonus: This bomb contains Castor Oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Extra Credit: Do your self-love ritual. That’s it. I know it’s tempting to sink right to sleep after this bath, but go through with it! I’ve never regretted a ritual I actually committed to.


If you’re in love, looking for love, and/or you’re queer as f***…

Photo from Lush USA website

Cupid Bath Bomb

This cutie patootie contains Persian Lime for energy and Bergamot to uplift your spirits.  Violet helps you embrace your individuality and brings resilience ( and with this new administration, we’re all gonna need it). Rose Petal Powder lends a luxurious dose of love and beauty, and Raspberry Juice gets you feeling fruity and flirty. I often look at Violet as a relatively “queer” herb, since it’s  usually one of the first plants to return in urban areas. It has a knack for growing through the cracks of concrete that has tried to cover it, so I often use it when working with any kind of identity that goes against the grain of conventionality.

Extra Credit: If you can find one, go out and buy a nice bouquet of violets. Set them where you can see them every day as a reminder of your own resilience. Before they wilt, hang them upside down to dry so you can keep them for ages! I love to decorate with dried bouquets, and they require ZERO maintenance (perfect for a lazy Taurus like myself).


If you’re feeling “forever alone” on Valentine’s Day….

Photo from Lush USA website

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

It’s easy to feel lonely on a holiday centered entirely around couples. Instead of sobbing into your memory box (by the way, get rid of that shit from your exes), soak in a dreamy bath of calming Lavender, uplifting Ylang-Ylang, and serotonin-boosting Neroli (that’s the chemical that makes you happy)! It doesn’t hurt that this bubble bar is shaped like an adorable pastel unicorn horn to help you embrace the magical being that you are!

Extra Credit: Just do you. Grab a bottle of wine, your favorite DVD, and some dope incense and make a night of it.


If you’re headed to a Galentine’s Day bash…

Photo from Lush USA website

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

I love that more and more women are taking a day to celebrate their female friendships, because (in my opinion) there’s simply nothing greater in the world than women supporting women. Before you head out to party it up with your gal pals, take a soak in Rose Bombshell. Sea Salt purifies, Lemon refreshes, Geranium brings happiness, and Rose Absolute and Oil get you looking your best for the inevitable selfies and group shots. This bomb is also full of yellow Rose petals, which are a symbol for warm feelings of friendship and optimism!

Extra Credit: Make Galentine’s cards for all your favorite ladies so they have a keepsake to treasure for the rest of the year, too!


If you need the power of persuasion on your side…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

The Kiss Lip Scrub

Beyond tasting amazing and leaving your lips silky smooth, lip scrubs and balms are great for spells involving communication! This scrub has sugar to attract whatever you desire, Safflower oil to bring some fiery energy and determination, Sea Salt for clarity and purification, Mandarin Oil to bring inspiration, Almond to improve your powers of communication, and Geranium to make your words sweet and flowing. If you’ve been meaning to talk to your boss about a promotion or ask your boo for a favor, scrub with this beforehand and you’ll find it easy to send the message you want to send (and they’ll find it easy to accept, too).

Extra Credit: Follow up with The Kiss Lip Gloss for extra “my wish is your command” oomph.


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If you want to feel positively spell binding…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Prince Charming Shower Gel

This one has been a part of the Lush Valentine’s Day range in the past, and it never disappoints. Another one for the shower, folks! You can use this as body wash or bubble bath. Either way, Marshmallow Root and Vanilla Pod bring beauty and love, Cocoa Butter gets you glowing, Grapefruit purifies, Sandalwood gives you a mysterious, “cool-girl” vibe, and Pomegranate makes you radiate allure.

Extra Credit: While you’re getting ready, try adding some sigils for beauty, confidence, or love under your nail polish, or even with a body-safe pen somewhere inconspicuous for an extra layer of enchantment.


If your friends or partner(s) have been telling you to lighten up…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Love Spell Massage Bar

I’m absolutely in love with the fragrance of this one, and any other rose-lovers will be too. Cocoa and Shea Butter soften your skin while Jojoba Oil lends you the adaptability to go with the flow. Rose Hip Syrup and Rose Petal bring the romance, while also increasing your capacity to let things go (Rose is associated with the element of Water, which can bring flexibility and a certain amount of comfort in the ebb and flow of life). Aloe Vera brings luck, so you can stop micromanaging your life–while Carnation, Neroli, and Lemon Myrtle lighten your mood.

Extra Credit: Smooth this massage bar onto your skin. Write a to-do list for the day. Now (so long as there’s no life or death tasks on your list), just rip it up. Take yourself shopping. Spend all day in your underwear watching Ally Mcbeal. Whatever floats your boat, as long as its for pleasure, not work. Work can wait for tomorrow.


If jealousy is stealing your happiness…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Ladybug Bubble Bar

Departing from the typical Lush Valentine’s Day fare (no Rose here!), Ladybug Bubble Bar is perfect when you need a shift of perspective. It can be easy to glamorize the lives of others and imagine how much better they are than you in today’s social media mayhem. If you’ve been feeling a little like the green-eyed monster lately, this bubble bar has Geranium for happiness and Peppermint for positivity and the clarity you need to see that the grass isn’t always greener.

Extra Credit: Take a 24 hour break from social media. It’s not a lot, but it can do wonders for focusing on what you do have rather than what you don’t.


If you have a wish to make…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

The Kiss Lip Gloss

If the liquid lipstick trend is a bit much for you, but you’re looking for a sheer wash of gorgeous, shimmery pink color for your lips, look no further! Beyond looking crazy cute, this lip balm helps create any wish you speak into reality. Sunflower Wax brings the wishing power, while Coconut oil brings luck, Agave syrup brings all of life’s goodness to you, Mandarin Oil inspires you, Almond Oil brings prosperity, and Guarana Seed Powder gives you a kick in the pants to manifest your dreams. This gloss also has Jojoba, Shea, Kalahari Melon, Candelilla Wax, Illipe Butter, and Cupuacu Butter to keep your pout looking smoochable.

Extra Credit: Use in combination with The Kiss Lip Scrub for amplified effect!


If you need to harness your inner #girlboss…

Photo from Lush USA website
Photo from Lush USA website

Kiss Me Quick Washcard

This has by far been one of the most popular and most confusing products of the range. It’s a small, paper like card that you can actually tear a piece off of and use just like soap! It’s made with Apple pulp, which brings love and friendship. It also contains Gardenia for happiness, Ylang-Ylang for a mood boost, Lemon and Lime to refresh your energy, Sandalwood for divine inspiration, Tonka for prosperity (think $$$), and Jasmine keeps you feeling feminine and flirty as you take on the world.

Extra Credit: Place a bay leaf in your purse or wallet where you keep your money in order to ensure that whatever money you spend finds its way back to you–and more.

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