10 City and Colour Songs For Your “Calm Down” Playlist

I am a firm believer that your favorite band or artist says something about you. For example, I think if your favorite artist is Kanye West, I’m going to bet that you are confident but sometimes cross the line to cocky. If you love Carrie Underwood, I assume you are “go with the flow” until someone crosses you. That being said, my favorite artist is City and Colour, also known as Dallas Green. If his alias as City and Colour doesn’t make you think he is amazing already (his name is a city and a color, get it?), then his music will certainly sway you. A slightly edgier version of Bon Iver, he is an expert at combining a calm feel and a power ballad in just one song. Because I believe your favorite artist says something about you, does that mean I’m fairly chill with an occasional unexpected twist? Perhaps.

You may recognize City and Colour from the Valentine’s Day episode of “One Tree Hill” where he is actually featured singing in a concert, but you can also find his music throughout the last season too. Where he should be heard is on your “chill out” playlist. All of his songs are great to listen to when you are trying to mellow out or when you feel like cuddling up during a thunderstorm. Here are 10 songs to help you fall in love with him and add to your playlist.

Featured image by Brennan Schnell

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