Country Songs for City Livin’

I grew up on a dirt road in a county where the coolest thing to do on a Saturday night was attend the 4H banquet. Like many of my peers, I moved to a big city as a young adult to follow my professional dreams. I wanted to see my name up in lights, make my mark on the world, and prance around a huge city until dawn in stilettos a la Carrie Bradshaw. My last few years living in cities has been endlessly fascinating and fast-paced, and I still haven’t run out of new things to try. I adore my job and living in a place where I never have to worry about setting up a DD for Friday night because public transit exists here, how amazing! However, the constant noise and endless connections to so many people at once can be overwhelming. As Parmalee says, you can’t outrun these roots.

Living in a big ol’ city is great—until it isn’t anymore. I miss steeping sun-tea on a front porch and sitting by a bonfire all night. I miss how small things are never a big deal back home: oh, the internet is being patchy and you can’t send that important email? Don’t worry about it, let’s go play with the dogs. There was a snowfall and your truck won’t start? Don’t worry about going to town today, just blame it on your truck. Life happens; it’s best to just roll with it and follow your arrow wherever it points. As much as I want to pack it all up and head back to the farm some days, I love my career in the city and am not ready to give up on my dreams yet; I just want to vacation back to a place where the social events are rodeos and small town football games. Seeing as I have an entry level job and crushing student debt—making flights back home for a weekend pretty unrealistic—country music has become my escape from the city grind. Listening to Dallas Smith sing about lifted trucks really helps me get into a peaceful state of mind when the city becomes overwhelming.

This playlist will make you feel like, even though you were raised in a barn, you are bringing down the house—even if in reality you’re just closing your eyes on the subway. Artists like Aaron Watson and Kip Moore give me the feeling that I’m living it up in small town, even if in reality I’m just photocopying contracts. Everyone needs an escape sometimes: this is mine. To a place where the internet is patchy at best and evenings are spent with good friends and dirt on your boots.

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