What It’s Really Like To Look Young For Your Age

There are some of us out there who seem to have drunk from the Fountain of Youth. Blessed with smooth skin and chubby cheeks these are the people who look young for their age. Looking ageless is pretty great, right? Sometimes, yes. But other times, it’s painful. Not being taken seriously, and being called cute by nearly everyone gets pretty annoying when you’re reaching 30. Here’s what it is actually like to look young for your age.

1) Being told that it must be so nice to look young. You’re the lucky one, they tell you. You’ll be happy about it when you’re older, they say.

Just no. Stop talking. Now.

2) You literally get carded all the damn time.

It really isn’t funny anymore. I’m actually dreaming of the days when I won’t get carded.

3) You can’t even get into an R rated film without being asked for your ID.

Do I look like I’m younger than seventeen? Do I? No, no I don’t.

4) Teenage boys hit on you. College guys hit on you. Literally no one your actual age hits on you, as they assume you must be nowhere near their age.

Because, baby face.

5) You can get away with a student discount rate, since people think you’re still in college (even if it’s been a hot minute since you were an undergrad).

Am I slightly annoyed? Yes. But not annoyed enough to correct them.

6) You’re afraid your partner of the same age looks like a creeper when the two of you are out together. Or worse, they think that you’re his little sister. (Yes, that has actually happened. One time was more than enough).

Bonus points if they look older than they actually are.

7) If a teacher, parents may legitimately be confused whether you are a teacher or a student.

I swear I’m an adult.

8) When in conversation with a stranger or acquaintance, it becomes more and more obvious that they are confused when you mention you are either married, have already graduated college, or refer to a post-college job happening a few years ago.

Did I stutter when I said I became a college grad five years ago? Didn’t think so.

9) You’ve been asked if you are old enough (by an employee, no less) on being inside of a bar after a karaoke performance.

How do you think I even got in here?

10) Did you ever dress up in your parents clothes as a kid? That’s what it feels like every time you have to dress professionally.

*Googles ways to not look like a 10-year old in business casual*


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