LuLaRoe: Good, Bad, Ugly Or Cute?

Chances are, you’ve heard about LuLaRoe leggings by now. Once something makes it to Buzzfeed, I realize I’m probably already behind the curve. One thing is clear: people either love them or absolutely hate them. So, naturally, I had to try them out.

Although their leggings are the most talked about, LuLaRoe is a clothing company that makes “buttery soft” leggings, dresses, skirts, tops and cardigans for women and kids.

You can’t just hop online and buy them, though; you have to know someone that is a consultant, and wait for them to have a sale. That model may be pretty frustrating if you like instant gratification to your shopping needs, but it works for me.

After reading many mixed reviews online, I’ll be honest; I was pretty skeptical and hesitant to try their leggings. After all, my clothing aesthetic is black and grey, and I rarely wear a pattern more adventurous than polka dots or stripes. And definitely not on my butt. But when a coworker who always looks  fashionable invited me to an online sale her friend was hosting, I figured I’d at least take a look and give it a try. Even if I was pretty sure I wouldn’t buy anything.

How it works

I shopped in an online Facebook group event. This is the way most of their Fashion Retailers sell their clothes, and in groups of their own or in multi-sale groups with other retailers.

The process is actually pretty simple: A day or a few hours in advance, they post albums for each style of clothing with all the patterns and sizes they have for you to “window shop.” Then, they post when the sale starts. If you like anything, you comment “sold,” and when you’re done shopping, they invoice you. You pay, you get your clothes, and you’re done. Pretty convenient, and about the same time investment as regular online shopping.

My first shopping experience

The consultant I was shopping with was really helpful at answering questions about sizing and fabrics. She also included comments with her size charts on how things fit, which was very helpful to me as a newbie. As I suspected, most of the patterns are way too adventurous for me. But I did see a pair of bird leggings that I had to have.  

My bird leggings, two pairs of “mystery” leggings, and an army green pair I had to have. From a couple different sales.

I also grabbed a Randy tee, which is their version of a baseball tee. I figured I really couldn’t go wrong here. Then I won a giveaway in the group, so I got a free pair of mystery leggings too. They were a pattern I’d never pick out for myself, but I actually love them!

After I received that round of clothes, I ended up buying another pair of leggings and a striped Irma top, which is an oversized top that’s a little bit flowy. And then I might have shopped in a family friend’s online sale and bought a couple more Irma tops and pairs of leggings. I don’t have a shopping problem; it’s fine.

The verdict

I was especially skeptical that a one-size legging would fit my butt. I was very impressed that the first two pairs of leggings to arrive fit perfectly and were a good length. In case you’re wondering, they’re as soft as advertised—although I won’t say the phrase “buttery soft” again outside of this article. I’d describe them more as velvety soft, personally.

I ended up liking the patterns a lot more than expected, and I was impressed with the thickness; they weren’t see-through like I thought they might be. But, it didn’t take long for me to realize they’ve got some serious quality control problems.

The third pair of leggings I bought were about three inches shorter than the first two pairs once I pulled them on. Apparently, their patterned leggings can be different lengths depending on where in the cloth pile they’re cut from. Probably not a problem for the average height person, but I’m 5’8 ½” so that didn’t work for me. However, I messaged the consultant and was able to ship them back and swap them out for a new pair of my choice with no issues, so that was quick and easy.

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photo of two teal and pink leather crossbody bags

Two of the six pairs of leggings I have ripped the first time I wore them. Both pulled on easily and fit great when I tried them on. But in the first, patterned pair, I discovered several small holes in the butt after all I’d done is sit in an office chair all day. The second, solid pair, came on fine and even fit a little loosely. But about fifteen minutes later, a big ‘ol hole ripped in the butt (and then two smaller ones appeared too). Again, I was able to send both back in exchange for a new pair, no problem.

I’d seen others complain of this issue on social media, but considering I’ve gotten holes in several pairs of Aerie leggings and a pair of Victoria’s Secret ones after one or two wears, I didn’t think much of it before I ordered them. The rest of mine have held up well after washing them following the care instructions, so I’m not totally turned off from buying more leggings. It’s important you follow the wash instructions they send you to keep their quality, just like you should with any other article of clothing (wash leggings inside out on a cold, gentle cycle or by hand and hang to dry).

This is my favorite top I've bought because I can dress it up for work or down for the weekend, and it's super comfortable.
This is my favorite top I’ve bought because I can dress it up for work or down for the weekend, and it’s super comfortable.

The quality of my tops has been great. All four I have are super comfy, and fit well. I haven’t noticed any issues in the fabrics at all after a few wears, so I’ll definitely be slowly adding more to my closet. And the level of customer service I’ve received from the retailers I’ve shopped with is top notch. As long as it’s easy to to exchange when issues arise, I’ll continue to be a customer. But I do hope they figure their quality issues out.

I may not keep hoarding leggings since I still prefer plain black ones for most outfits, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on their tops and dresses and snatch up cute ones I see in the future.

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  • Neither love nor hate them. If you’re an adult who wants to dress in frumpy clothes with child-like prints, it’s none of my business. It’s none of my concern if you can’t shop with out the pop up hype. I won’t be wearing any. I’ve seen lularoe put together well, but it’s not easy to get solids and match the loud leggings. The style seems like a crutch to me. I’m a bigger person, and I buy tailored clothes. They don’t look tent like. The women I know who’re addicted to lularoe are all big. It only draws attention to that.

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