The Perfect 2000’s Indie Playlist To Give You Early Aughts Flashbacks

I don’t miss much about the early 2000’s. I wore skin tight camo flare jeans and DC shoes every day. I never mastered the art of rollerblading without dropping my Discman, and I still flinch when I hear the AOL dial up sound. But if there’s one thing I do miss, it’s discovering all the delights of early 2000’s indie music for the first time. I waited hours on Limewire to illegally download In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, and then promptly listened to it on repeat for the next 17 years. My best friend and I swapped secrets to the dulcet tones of Death Cab For Cutie, and The Fratellis served as the perfect soundtrack to my first experience with bourbon.

Let’s forget the trucker hats and the denim-clad delight of Britney and Justin’s love affair, and focus on the musical gifts that were given to us.

Image: Wildfires/Flickr

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