6 Cool Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer

The snow melted, the sun is out and the air is warm and ripe for adventure. Summer is a great time to try new outdoor activities to get your body moving and have a lot of fun.  Try one or more of these summer activities to have an unforgettable experience.

If you live by the beach, embrace the summer and break out your snorkel. Snorkeling is a fun and easy way to enjoy the ocean without the hassle and expenses of scuba diving. All you need is a swimsuit, a snorkel and optional flippers. Take a swim off your local shore to explore what the coast has to offer. Look up the native marine life in your area and try to find them all. From marine invertebrates to small rays, reef sharks to small fish, you’ll be surprised at the numerous species of fascinating wildlife you’ll find.

Scuba Diving

For the more adventurous, scuba diving is the way to go. Dive deep into the depths to see mysterious marine life you would have never seen before. In order to scuba dive, you first need to get a SCUBA certification. In order to obtain your certification, you have to follow a few basic steps. First, you must fill out a medical questionnaire to clear you of any health concerns that could impede your dive. You’ll also have to demonstrate basic water skills including the ability to swim 200 yards without stopping and tread water for 10 minutes. You will also have to complete a safety course and learn how to choose and wear equipment in the water. Once you receive your first certification, you can earn others to suit your diving experience.


Take advantage of the beautiful sunshine by enjoying the great outdoors. Research local campsites near you based on reviews and scenery. You may want to stay close to home or take a road trip to a national park. Bring your friends and family and split the gear you need. Be sure you have enough tents, sleeping bags, fire logs, cookware, bear proof canisters (if applicable) and trash bags. You can get away for a long vacation or take an overnight trip with your closest friends!


If you like to always be on the move, then backpacking is right up your alley. The U.S. has some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world and a backpacking trip gives you the experience of a lifetime. Visit the majesty of Yosemite, trek through the Grand Canyon, snap a photo at the Kolob Arch in Zion, or stare in awe at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone. Consult an expert at an outdoors store like REI to get you the right gear. They will educate you on the best lightweight backpacking gear that provide maximum efficiency and optimal performance. While you’re out on the trail, get involved in another hot trend—drone piloting. Companies like Spire Drones have rundowns on the best types of drones for various activities, so get reading and find the right drone for your flying experience.


Whether you have a pond, a lake or an ocean nearby, fishing is a fun activity anyone can enjoy. There are many different methods and techniques of fishing that can help you get a different catch each time. Fly fishing for example is an intricate art of casting a rod with an artificial fly lure that lands gently onto the water as delicately as a fly. Wanting to find a big catch like a Bluefin tuna or a swordfish? You’ll have to go deep-sea fishing. Fishing requires a lot of patience and discipline but it makes landing the catch all that more rewarding. Plus, you get to serve a tasty tuna steak for dinner. This RUNCL PowerFluoro fishing lines are some of the top fishing lines you can get.

Remember to look up local laws regarding which fish are legal to catch and which are only catch-and-release. (Take a look at these top spinning reels under $100. )

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a new take on outdoor adventures. Climbing and bouldering are popular sports that seemed to sweep the nation overnight. Get started by going to a climbing gym and sign up for an instructor who can help you learn the ropes. An instructor can teach you the techniques of climbing, safety and let you in on the best climbing locales. Get the right gear and always go with a friend for safety.

Summer is the best time to get out and get active. Explore the great outdoors with these fun activities, and after a big day outdoors, you can always check out Texas limo rentals for a fun night out on the town.

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