20 Things Congress Could Focus On Instead of Criminalizing Abortion After 20 Weeks

In a classic Congressional move showcasing how in the know the government is with the gripping needs of its constituents and world events, the House passed legislation criminalizing abortion after 20 weeks today (except in the case of rape, incest or the life of the mother). The penalty could include a hefty fine or up to five years in jail.

Regardless of your feelings toward reproductive rights, it seems a desperate attempt from a GOP-dominated Congress to prove that they’ve done something this year after constant failures to pass any of their key initiatives into law. Obviously they picked a hot button item that always gets their base frothing at the mouth in hopes that this will be remembered in the bi-elections instead of the mass chaos they’ve produced thus far.

So since the government seems to be having issues prioritizing pertinent issues to American democracy right now, we put together a handy list. Here are all the things that might just be a tad bit more important than NFL players or criminalizing reproductive rights.


1.) Preventing escalating tensions with North Korea, like you know, nuclear war.

2.) Getting food, water, power and basic aid to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria.

3.) Rebuilding and getting aid to Texas and Florida communities devastated by Harvey and Maria.

4.) Passing viable healthcare reform that doesn’t strip millions of citizens of insurance.

5.) Actually creating a tax plan for the citizenry instead of just corporate interests.

6.) Gun control so hundreds of people don’t get shot at a concert? Maybe? Just a thought. NM, we shouldn’t be unrealistic.

7.) Massive racial inequalities and tensions across the U.S..

8.) Combatting the rise of alt-right Nazis marching on college towns.

9.) Russian interference in the 2016 election. Let’s just be honest, all things Russia.

10.) Working out a DACA deal so people can actually plan their lives instead of existing in “can we stay?” limbo.

11.) Honoring the Paris Climate Agreement. Or even just making a decision and sticking to it.

12.) Working out a NAFTA deal since they blew the last one up.

13.) Preserving the Iranian nuclear deal that we’re ruining for everyone else.

14.) Standing up for basic human rights in the U.N., like not being OK with a gay sex death penalty in foreign countries in fear of it taking away our right to kill people too.

15.) Passing a budget to fund the government.

16.) Ensuring people have access to clean, drinkable, non-lead poisoned water.

17.) Funding Children’s Health Insurance Program that lapsed in September.

18.) Tackling the opioid crisis. Or even acknowledging it outside of election shaming.

19.) Combating massive electoral inequalities through gerrymandering instead of leaving it to the Supreme Court to deal with.

20.) Someday, maybe, ending the 17 year, multi-national Global War on Terror enacted on a single Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists.

That said, we understand, Congress is on a time crunch, so if they can only accomplish one thing before the end of year, we suggest impeachment.

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