Why Steve Harrington Is The Best High School Sweetheart You Never Had

Unless you live in a cave, you are aware of the brilliance of Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” By now it’s been pretty well established that the Internet and everyone else has embraced once-bad-boy-now-best-babysitter-in-Indiana Steve Harrington. His character blossomed in Season Two, which means that we are officially in love. Steve is great on so many counts, not least of which is his eligibility as the best high school sweetheart none of us ever had. Why? Let me list the reasons:

*Spoilers Alert*

His Hair

Look. At. It. Steve Harrington’s hair was the biggest thing he had going for him when people were hating on him in Season One. And it is even more marvelous in the second season.

He Rights His Wrongs

Remember when he let his friend spray paint “Slut Wheeler” all over town? Yeah, totally bad move. But by the next episode, Steve called out his friends, scrubbed off the spray paint, and then told Nancy he was sorry and wanted to make things right.

He Stands Up To People

Steve didn’t know that misunderstood Jonathan was looking for his brother. So Steve takes direct action, and makes it known that stalking ain’t cool. And when Billy from California hurts and threatens Lucas? You better watch out. Which makes him a pretty cool sweetheart, since you know, he isn’t afraid to tell people if something is wrong, and then fighting for what’s right.

He Knows How To Use A Bat

So this is more of a bonus. Thing is, he had no idea what he was getting into when he went over to Jonathan’s, what was going on. He almost leaves, but DOESN’T. He comes back to fight the hell out of the nightmare that is the Demogorgon. With a nail-infused baseball bat.

He Has Good Taste

Before Dustin corrals him and his baseball bat, Steve was on his way to try to work things out with Nancy. And he brought flowers. Roses. A dozen of them. Think of the classy gifts he could shower his high school sweetheart with.

He Knows How To Schmooze

Steve Harrington knows how to work the parents, and the parents of your dead friend.

He’s The Caring Kind

Not only does he care about you, but he also cares about kids and puts them before himself. Steve leads the way in the Upside Down, and he moves Max aside to tackle the Demo-Dog own his own. He makes sure people around him are safe. Which is pretty stellar BF material.

He Gives Out (Needed) Advice

Steve as a father figure/bestie to Dustin is the best thing. And he isn’t afraid to share his wisdom, with Dustin, or likely his high school honey.

He’ll Help You Study

He may be distracting at times, but he knows what is the important thing at hand and will always go back to the flashcards.

He Is All Around Adorable

Steve uses his baseball bat as a microphone. He isn’t afraid to jam out, looking all goofy in his Risky Business get-up.

Did we miss any more reasons why Steve Harrington is the best high school sweetheart? Or do you have any other reasons why Steve is awesome? Tweet us @LitDarling or comment!

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