The Best Heckin’ Dog Instagrams To Get You Through The Work Week

Life is long, and workweeks are even longer. Sometimes Monday seems like a mountain that can’t possibly be scaled. Small things make it better: coffee, elastic pants, canceled meetings. But nothing takes the edge off of a bad day like one of your favorite dog Instagrams. If you’re not already hip the pupstigrams, you need to get on board, friends. These dogs work hard for your likes, and they need our love to reaffirm their status as the best boys (and girls).

Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite internet dogs so that you too can appreciate these doggies who work so heckin’ hard to make your awful Mondays just a little bit better.



I’ve kind of become obsessed with the idea of one day adopting a retired racing greyhound. In the meantime, my instagram feed has been made way more incredible by choosing to follow this hashtag. I’ve also found some wonderful greyhound accounts to follow. I highly recommend following hashtags for your favorite breeds!



A very adorable service dog that is currently doing a lot of romping through the snow.



Poe is a Boston Terrier whose human dad is the drummer for Mayday Parade. I might be a bigger fan of Poe than the band at this point!



Bear & Wolf are German Shepherd brothers who are extremely photogenic.



Seabiscuit and Twister are two retired racing Greyhounds living in Florida.



One of my friends from college has an adorable Westie named Sophie. She does a great job of capturing her dog’s adventures.



I absolutely adore the antics of these two retired racing Greyhounds.



It’s a Shiba Inu in menswear. Need I say more?



Another fabulous duo of retired racing greyhounds.



This is basically Dogs of New York (and sometimes other places). This account way my gateway to so many other fabulous dog instagrams. And the blurbs about the dogs are pretty great too!

Watson and Kiko are two intrepid floofers from Washington state who go on incredible adventures and manage to look more beautiful than I ever have or ever will.



Rusy is pretty popular on Instagram — so popular that my mom actually gave me an ornament of him for Christmas, not realizing who he was. Rusty looks fab in everything he wears and is a general heartbreaker.



Loki is a low content wolf dog who travels the world and honestly should have his own ad campaign. I’d buy anything he sells.




Steve has an unknown (large) number of old, rescued dogs, as well as one very grumpy pig, who all live in his house and generally enrich his life. Follow Steve for cute pictures of his olds, but especially for his stories, which regularly feature Bikini the pig generally being stubborn.



Bennie’s owners are internet famous, so it’s kind of a no brainer that Bennie has an impeccably run instagram account. He’s the epitome of a New England dog, so follow him for iconic snaps.



A shameless plug for LD’s own doggy insta-star, Tucker, who is trying his best to worm his way into the hearts of millions, along with his angry older sister, @thetrouthound.


Photo by Caleb Fisher on Unsplash

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