I’m Happy to Wait As Long As It Takes For Love

I have entered that weird stage in my life where friends I have known since forever ago have pictures announcing wedding engagements with a diamond encrusted ring displaying merrily upon their finger, almost every time I log into Facebook, or on basically literally any social media outlet.  And to be completely honest with you, I am ecstatic that my friends have found their soulmate. The one person they want to share the rest of their lives with, for love is truly the rarest gift of them all. Almost like finding a ruby gem amongst a sea of endless diamonds; not all find it, not all can possess it, only those who are destined for it.  Love is also very patient and it only arrives in your life when you are ready to find it. You cannot force love to enter your life prematurely, because it never works out for both hearts who are involved in the relationship.

Which is why I choose to wait for love.  The real kind.

There is a lot to be said for the single woman.  Strong, determined, confident the list goes on, but almost everyone always looks at the negativity of remaining single.  Lonely, depressed, unfulfilled and that list sadly, goes on and on. But what about being single means that I am unfulfilled?  Does a relationship or marriage truly define who I am as a woman? My belief is that the only person who defines who you are, is you.  Love only adds to your life, and so does the person of your heart’s choosing. You have to build yourself starting with nothing but earth and soil and keep building who you are, for you cannot rely on someone else to determine who you are for you, and jumping into relationship after relationship to determine who you are, is not going to help you find true everlasting love any faster.  Sadly, this happens in relationships more often than you may think or like to admit, and being single can help you find who you are.

The romantic in me yearns for love, for I am human just like you, and love can happen at anytime.  Marriage and love is still just as beautiful at thirty-five as it was when you were twenty-five. Just because your best friend since high school found her soulmate before you, does not mean all hope is lost.  Love is not a race and those who turn it into one, are the ones who always lose the most in the end. Be patient. Remember love is patient, so you must study and learn its art.

About the Jennifer E. Knaggs

Jennifer E. Knaggs is a full-time author of the recently published, The Earthen Saga, with the first book of the series titled: Earthen, recently published in May 31, 2017.  You can find her book under the pen name of J. E. Gaudeo. She is also a recent graduate of the Art Institutes, Bachelor of Fashion Marketing and Management. Jennifer E. Knaggs’ next aspiring step is to proceed her education in Journalism.  Jennifer E. Knaggs has dedicated her career to her writing and producing her exciting and exhilarating novels.

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