A Playlist for the Guy who Played Me

Being honest with my emotions has never come easy to me, but somehow it seems to be so much harder to find someone willing to be honest back. Dating today has largely become a big game, whoever cares less the winner. It’s a matter of self-preservation to some extent, but sometimes we just choose to trust the wrong people and get played.

It used to be the norm to make mixtapes showing people we love them, but there are so many songs that encapsulate everything I could possibly want to say as well. If it’s all already been said better by someone else, why waste any more words on someone not worth it?

So to the guy who played with my emotions, this one’s for you:

Everchanging —Rise Against
“There’s nothing simple when it comes to you and I. Always something in this everchanging life.”

This Is All Now —Taking Back Sunday
“This is all I ever asked from you, the only thing you couldn’t do. Tell me the whole truth.”


Firewater —Bad Cop/Bad Cop
“Would you fall apart to pieces? Could you shatter more than I? Or would it be a sweet relief if I left?”

Tropical London —Rancid
“If you lose me, you lose a good thing. That’s one thing I know for sure.”

Some Say It’s Your Loss —I the Mighty
“Just when I thought I had finally found the real thing, you got cold.”

Revenge —Plain White T’s
“One night you’re begging me to stay. The next night, you push me away.”

Buried Myself Alive —The Used
“If you want me back, you’re gonna have to ask nicer than that.”


In the End —Green Day
“I figured out what you’re all about and I don’t think I like what I see, so I hope I won’t be there in the end if you come around.”

The Camper Velourium II: Backend of Forever —Coheed and Cambria
“You weren’t worth what I thought of you.”

Man Overboard —Blink-182
“You’re out of line and rarely sober.”


Bike Scene —Taking Back Sunday
“I want to hate you so bad, but I can’t.”

See Also
a couple toasting their glasses with white wine

Seventy Times 7 —Brand New
“I’ve seen more spine on jellyfish. I’ve seen more guts on 11-year-old kids.”

Cheers —Bad Cop/Bad Cop
“Cheers, here’s to hoping I never see your face again.”

Six Ways Til Sunday —Rise Against
“I miss the person that you were, but I don’t miss you.”

The Last Song —All-American Rejects
“I still hope that you will miss me when I’m gone.”



Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

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