7 Cute Summer Hairstyles To Beat The Miserable Heat

Ah, summer—the season of sandals, relaxation, and soul-crushing humidity. While there’s a lot to be said for fun in the sun, if you don’t have access to an ocean, pool, or lake, clear skies and 90-degree weather mean things can get pretty sticky. Whether you’re sweltering in the Southern states, or toughing it out on the NYC sidewalks, looking cool in this kind of heat takes some serious savvy.  


Since my stupid thick hair doubles as a hat and scarf in one, just leaving it down gets torturous come August (and depending on the humidity, has me ready for role in the Lion King). If you’re an optimist like me, you’ve had the awkward “I’m just going to wear my hair down it will be fine oh wait I’m dying of heatstroke” moments that result in a dorky low pony for the rest of the day. So we at Literally, Darling have rounded up some major hair inspo from the best summer updos to help beat the heat (while still looking cute).  

1. Half Up, Half Down

Sometimes, just having your mane off your face is enough to level down the irritation.  A cute half up, half down style lets you rock some beachy waves without suffocating on your own hair.


You can keep it classic, or throw your own twist in with a braided top into a small bun.

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2. Fun Updo

But if having hair on the back of your neck is still too much, Self.com has a round up of 9 easy, pretty summer updos for those with longer locks, such as this souped up sock bun, which you can finish with a headscarf or bandanna to still channel some of your personal style.  


3. Travel Proof 

Brit + Co have some trendy and travel-approved styles for those of us who are on the go this summer, that are equal parts cute and durable, like this braided updo. Find this tutorial here.



4. Stacked Buns

My personal summer go-tos are quirky Star Wars inspired stacked buns. They’re super easy to throw up, and distribute the weight of your hair so you can stay cool and headache free all day. You can triple or double them up to fit any occasion. 



5. Repurpose Workout Hair

My other summer go-to is workout hair. The styles are meant to stay cute and comfortable in sweaty situations, which makes them perfect for the summer heat.  Try braiding the top or bottom of your hair into bun or pony. 



Check out Refinery.29 for some awesome step by step workout styles for different hair textures here.

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6. Instagram-Approved Styles

What may be the trendiest updos of the summer are boxer braids and double low or high buns- both great, easy options if you have long hair you want off the back of your neck.




7. Perfect Ponytail

However, some days all you want is to rock a no fuss pony and call it quits.  Mix it up with some braids to add spunk to a high or low pony and keep it hassle free and in place all day.  




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