Here’s A 12-Hour Playlist Of Real Good Indie Music

Let’s be frank: making playlists are an enjoyable, yet time-sucking activity. You pour time and sweat into a few good playlists, only to realize that they each last for about 45 minutes each, and then you listen to them ad nauseam and soon hate every song on the playlists. Pre-made playlists are always kind of hit or miss if you’re not hip on the latest music, and if you (like me) prefer indie music, you’re probably not a fan of the “hot” tracks that Spotify is constantly pushing.

So here, take advantage of my propensity to horde music like a symphonic pack rate, and enjoy the 12 hour-long playlist that I have compiled of generically good Indie, Alt, and Americana music. You will probably recognize most songs, because I am not a musical discovery savant, but hey! Maybe you live under even more of a musical rock than I do, and will find my collection both groundbreaking and “fresh.”

Having a playlist longer than your work day stored away is actually kind of smart though, because it gives you reliable music to get through a day in the cubicle, and since it’s so long you can listen to it in the car and never really get sick of it. Impress your passengers with your good indie cred (is that still a thing?) and focus on the important things in life, like how you’re going to pay your rent and why everyone just accepted Barb’s disappearance in Stranger Things.

So here. Tune out, enjoy, and good luck getting through at least two hours of this ridiculously long playlist.


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