Everything You Need to Pack When Going for a Rafting Trip

Planning a rafting trip with your friends is always fun. You get to anticipate all the fun you’re about to have and work out the logistics of the trip. However, when it comes to packing for a trip, most of us forget important things or aren’t really sure about what we would need throughout the trip.

You could be like those people who pack everything because they think, ‘Just in case!’ Or you could be one of those people who forget important things and ends up having to borrow everything from your pals. (Don’t be this person.)

To save yourself from having to overpack or underpack, we’re here to help you know what you need for any type of weather conditions.

Rafting in the Spring

Rafting in the spring is great! There’s nature all around you in full bloom, and the weather is just perfect. It’s not too hot or too cold, but it does come with its own challenges. Grab some pool inflatables along from The Floatys for some relaxation after a big day of rafting.

Grab Your Hoodie

Doesn’t matter if it’s made of fleece, cotton, synthetic blends, or wool, just make sure you pack a hoodie. Not only are they the most comfortable form of clothing out there, but they also keep you warm for those chilly spring mornings.Make sure to look for ones that are lightweight, water-resistant, and easy to pack.

Quick-Drying Underwear

When you’re on a rafting trip, there’s no way you can keep yourself dry all the time. You’ll get wet and no one likes a soggy bottom.

Unfortunately you can’t keep changing your underwear every time you get soaked. So to save yourself from the uncomfortableness and hassle, get yourself some quick-drying underwear.

There are also new types of undies that are not only quick-drying, but they can also be lightweight, odor resistant, moisture-wicking, and, the most important of all, comfortable.

You’ll thank us once you buy some of the quick-drying undies and feel yourself being stress-free during your rafting trip!

Beanies to the Rescue!

Beanies are a must when you’re on a rafting trip. It can get chilly at night, and you need to be prepared for that. And a beanie has lots of uses – you can use it to hide your bedhead or you can hide the fact that you haven’t showered in days and nobody needs to see your unwashed hair.

You can also use it to keep your ears warm at night around campfires. Pack a few beanies that can retain heat well.

Long Underwear

If there is any item you forget to pack, make sure it isn’t your long underwear. Long underwear can change your traveling experience tenfold.

They can keep you warm, they dry out fast, and you can wear it as an extra insulating layer when you’re rafting. Even as the weather gets warmer this time of year, that wind and water coming off the river will make you grateful to have that extra layer.

Keep Yourself Warm With Some Whiskey

There’s no greater way to end a day full of rafting than with some whiskey. Warm yourself and your friends up and remember to have a good time!

If whiskey isn’t your cup of tea, don’t forget the hot cocoa (with marshmallows of course).  Faveable suggests you pack waterproof flashlights with enough spare batteries as well to help you get around the campsite. Many well-known brands such as Klarus, FlashlightWorld, and Fenix offer a large selection of flashlights that are both waterproof and durable, right what you’ll need during your trip!

Having a campfire at night with some whiskey or hot cocoa is fun and all, but you still need to see where you’re going when you have to take a leak!

Be careful and always have a flashlight on you at night.

Rafting In Unconventional Weather

If you’re going rafting in unconventional weather, you’re going to need some speciality items.

Everything Cotton

Be it shirts, t-shirts, pants, or whatever clothing item you’re taking with you, make sure it’s made of cotton. Not only is cotton super comfortable and convenient, but it is easy to wear and affordable. It’s the perfect type of fabric you should be wearing when you’re rafting in the summer!

Jeans and Travel Dresses

As we previously mentioned, selecting clothes made of cotton will make your trip a comfortable one. However, after a day full of rafting with your buddies, you might want to slip into something that is more lightweight and warm.

For example, jeans or a travel dress. It’s a nice change from the synthetic layers you were rafting in, and it will make you feel super comfortable as well.

True Saviors – Body Wipes

Since there is no place for you to take proper showers every day, it’s best to pack somebody wipes. Not only will you be able to keep yourself cleaner, but you’ll be doing your traveling partners a huge favor too.

If you’re feeling kindly, share some with your pals if they don’t have any. Nobody needs to know what happens to you when you don’t shower for days.

No Trip Is Complete Without a Sarong

Yes, it’s true, sarongs are a must-have when you’re on river trips. They are incredibly versatile and are great for both women and men.

You can use it as a beach towel, a blanket, skirt, bandage, pillow, or a headdress, or you can use it to give yourself some privacy when you’re changing. It’s a piece of clothing that can be used in many ways that benefit you!

Summertime Rafting Trips!

Ah, rafting in the summer. So much sun and sweat, and DRY SKIN! Save yourself from having to face any trouble by packing some of these few things from our list.

UPF-Rated Sun Shirts

Most synthetic sport shirts ensure to protect you from the sun’s harsh UV rays. However, not all of them have the ability to not only protect you from the sun but also keep you cool throughout the day.

UPF-rated sun shirts have a feature that reacts with sweat to lower the temperature of the clothing itself. Most of them have a built-in sweat-activated cooling mechanism that’s great for a rafting trip in the summer. You can protect yourself from the sun and keep yourself cool at the same time.

Summer Essential – Flip Flops!

What’s a rafting trip in the summer without flip flops? They are an essential part when it comes to camping trips and rafting trips in the summer.

They are comfortable to wear, and they give your feet a chance to breathe after a full day of rafting. There are various strap options you can choose from and soles that go perfectly with your feet.

Just make sure to pack a pair, and you won’t be sorry you did it!

Wide-Brimmed Hats

Hats! It’s the summer, and you need to keep your head from burning up and making you feel even hotter. You can buy some wide-brimmed hats to cover your head.

It’s never a bad idea to stay in the shade and protect yourself from the sun. Besides, they also help you make a great fashion statement. Even if you’re sweating and feeling like you won’t survive this trip.

We’re kidding! Packing any type of portable hat will keep you cool and comfortable and, most important of all, protected.

Moisturizing Creams Are a MUST

If you think bringing along a moisturizing cream is a bad idea on a summer rafting trip, then you’re very, very wrong. Going from camping to rafting and back to camping can cause your skin to dry out super fast.

It’s best to keep your skin moisturized. It can also help heal minor cuts and abrasions as well. Most important of all, moisturizers are known to reduce the signs of aging on your skin, and they are a must if you’re going to be exposed to the sun all day.

Packing sunscreen lotions and moisturizers will protect your skin from aging and also keep your skin hydrated and feeling soft.

Rafting is a great activity you can experience with your friends or with complete strangers. Make new memories with new people or just have a nice camping vacation with your closest buddies.

Whoever you’re with and in whatever weather conditions, just make sure you’re well-packed with the essentials from our list and remember to have fun!

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