12 Ways to Start Prioritizing Your Wellbeing

Modern life is so busy, isn’t it? Everyone is juggling so many different balls and it can be absolutely exhausting working at keeping every one of them in the air all at once. We often put everyone and everything else before ourselves, but that’s not sustainable in the long term. It is so important to make the time to look after yourself and prioritise your own wellbeing. You will run the risk of completely burning out if you don’t, and then every single one of those balls are going to come crashing down. Taking care of yourself and taking steps to improve your wellbeing is something that you really need to put to the top of your to-do list today. To give you a few ideas, we are sharing twelve ways to improve your wellbeing, so we hope that you will find some inspiration here to at least get you started.

1. Have an early night

It seems that everybody is so tired these days because we all try to do far too much. It often means that the idea of having an early night seems like we are just wasting time. Why sleep when we could be getting more things done? The problem with constantly burning the midnight oil is that at some point we will feel it and then we will be forced to slow down. Rather than waiting until your body tells you that enough is enough, treat yourself to an early night every now and then and you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to keep on pushing.

2. Read a book

Did you know that, among other things, reading a book can improve your memory, give you a better night’s sleep, reduce your stress levels and boost your brainpower? And this is all aside from the fact that it is actually an enjoyable and relaxing thing to do. Take a look at your day and think about where you can build reading into it as there is bound to be a point that you can do so. Perhaps on your commute, over your lunch break or just before bed. So many people swear that they haven’t any time to read, but this is often about choices not time. Step away from your phone or Netflix for half an hour and you can grab that book.

3. Learn something new

There is great value in making the time to learn something new. It will give you a new lease of life and extra energy, and it really doesn’t matter what it is that you choose to learn. Whether you are looking to take an online BSN to MSN to move your nursing career to the next level or looking to give origami a go, learning is learning. There are thousands of online classes and courses available, along with colleges, face-to-face evening classes, one-on-one lessons, YouTube tutorials, books, the list goes on. Just take your pick and give something new a go.

4. Take up yoga

This is one of those pastimes that we have all heard of yet many of us have never tried. Yet it is completely accessible to all and so easy to get going with. There are classes all over the place, and even easier than that, you can follow along with online classes. Yoga is brilliant for both your mind and body, so give it a try and give both a boost. You can even take the stress-relieving relaxation a step further and follow-up your yoga class with a massage at a spa center.

5. Get outside

Take a stroll, sit in the park for a while, go running, it really does not matter what you choose to do, just get outside. Along with the health benefits of the vitamin D you will be absorbing and fresh air that you will be breathing in, it will make you feel better mentally. Getting outside can reduce stress and as you are out and about, it will also improve your physical health. Walking through areas of natural beauty are proven to further improve your wellbeing, so head to the park or the hills and take everything in as you hike.  

6. Spend time with family and friends

Taking the time to stop everything and just enjoy being with your family and friends is vital. Whether we are extroverts or introverts by nature, we are all social beings, so connecting with others is going to give us a boost. You will know what works for you, and what makes you feel good. A big night out with friends might be just what you need, or it might be a family dinner that ticks the box. Just take time to reconnect with the people that are the most important in your life and have some fun with them.

7. Keep a journal

There are so many well-documented benefits of journaling, and it is an easy habit to take up. You just need a notebook and a pen and you are on your way. The chances are that no-one is ever going to read these journals, and you might not even look back over them yourself. So do not overthink what to write, as there is no right or wrong way to do this. Just pick up that pen and write anything that comes to mind, no matter how frivolous – or melodramatic- it may feel.

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8. Take a break

When was the last time that you booked a break? If you can’t remember then we can tell you that it has been too long! Go and get your diary now and book yourself some time off. It might just be one day and you might cram in loads of fun activities and treats for the day or take a duvet day, it doesn’t matter, it’s whatever makes you happy. Or you might book yourself a week long stay in a beautiful hotel overlooking golden sands. Or maybe just go for a staycation and relax for a few days. Think about what would make you happy, what would help you to recharge, and what suits your budget, and go and arrange it. You will feel better simply by booking it and having it to look forward to.

9. Step away from your phone

Our phones are almost extensions of ourselves, aren’t they? When was the last time that you switched it off for the evening, or even a whole day? We do not always need to be connected with the outside world, and your phone can often cause unwanted distractions. Turn it off from time to time or at the very least onto silent and walk away from it for a couple of hours. You will be amazed by how much better you will feel.

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10. Choose a sport

Whether you consider yourself to be a natural athlete or more of a spectator where sport is concerned, there will be a sport out there that is perfect for you. You just need to take the time to look around a try a few different ones. Were there any that you loved at school that you have never got back into? Or have you spotted a local group that runs at a great time for you to join in? It is worth going along for a session or two or booking an activity with a friend to see what you make of it. Sports can improve your mood, help with your concentration, promote a better night’s sleep and reduce stress and depression.

11. Eat and drink well

A healthy body will promote a good mood. Make the effort to eat well, cut down on the junk food and artificial energy boosters, and you will soon feel the positive effects. Start your day right every day by eating breakfast and try not to skip any meals. You should also be drinking plenty of water throughout the day, aim to always have a glass of it on your desk and you will soon form the habit and be drinking your daily requirement.

12. Write a happy list

Have you ever tried writing a happy list? It seems like a strange idea initially, but you will soon get into it once you have started. Think about all of those things that are in your life that make you happy and write them down. This should have the effect of invoking gratitude and satisfaction over what you already have. You will be surprised how good it makes you feel to stop and think about this and see everything there in black and white. The next stage is to write down everything that you do that makes you happy, either now or in the past. This list then becomes something of a go-to pick you up list, as you can then choose something from this list as a mood booster regularly and when you need it most.

What do you have on your list that is always guaranteed to improve your wellbeing?

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