Do We Need to Limit Our Grilled Food Intake?

Is There Such a Thing as Eating too Much Grilled Food?

Cooking every day can be exhausting, especially when you get stuck in a rut with what – and how– you’re preparing your food. It’s easy to want to experiment so you don’t feel quite so bored with mealtime. However, you can’t rule out what are choices may mean for our health. Most of us know we can’t eat fried food all the time (no matter how good it tastes), but are there other types of cooking we should limit or avoid? Health experts suggest that food choices, portions, and preparation methods have a role to play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

With summer upon us, many of us are turning to the grill, but how healthy an option is it? Turns out if you are not careful with your consumption, you may end up compromising your health. There are a couple of factors that can guide you on the best way to manage your grilled food intake.

Cook at Home

Home grilling is always going to beat pre-prepared grilled foods because this way, you have more control over the process, and how well to tweak the dish into your liking. After all, if you already have the best turkey smoker at home, it makes no sense to buy it from a restaurant. 

Save up your grilled food for that big weekend BBQ

Let’s be honest – every BBQ event is embedded on great grilled food. If you are going to deny yourself throughout your week, at least loosen up on BBQs. They are a great way to socialize outdoors, with a variety of foods like grilled pork, chicken, habanero beef jerky, salmon, veggies, among others, and drinks to pair with them.

Other than BBQs, grilled foods provide the perfect environment for a social gathering, and can even be perfect for major holidays. Ever tried a grilled or smoked turkey? You might never use your oven again! Barbecue FAQ is an awesome resource to finding the perfect grill.

Try Grilled Veggies

Much as you may want to stay away from grilled foods, you will notice that some foods are better grilled than cooked any other way. For example, when it comes to cooking chicken, frying is not the only tasty option. The oils and flour will only pile up to your calorie intake, compromising your health standards. 

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On the other hand, you may also want to consider that grilling vegetables is better than cooking them in different styles because grilling helps retain most nutrients and vitamins in the foods. Lucky for you, grilled vegetables don’t create carcinogens when they char, unlike meats. 

Marinades Can Reduce Harmful Carcinogens

A good rub and marinade will take a meal to the next level when it comes to flavor. When you allow your meat to soak in the ingredients you love, the marinade introduces several other flavors that make a big difference. Other than that, a marinade can give you a pass for eating grilled foods as often as you would like. The reason is that, when some foods, particularly meats, are exposed to very high heat, they form HCAs which depend on the presence of creatine, mostly found in muscle tissue. Since the HCAs is harmful to your health, marinating your food can protect you from the side effects.

Overall, it is not cast in stone the number of times that you should be eating grilled foods a week. Like with any other cooking style, what matters more is that you watch out for your health. For the most part, it has a lot more to do with your food choices and portions than with the cooking method, so eat smart and put your grill and smoker combo to good use while you can.

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