How to Show Your Car the Love it Deserves

If you own a car, it’s not just the price of the vehicle that’s important to you. It’s the way it looks as well – even for broke millennials. The make and model of such an investment plays on a lot of us, and we all know the prestige that comes with owning something like a Mercedes or a Tesla (even if they might be out of our reach for the foreseeable future). 

But if we can’t afford that supercar, many of us want to do our best to make what we do have look as respectable as possible. We spend lunch breaks and Sunday mornings at car washes, spin into a rage at every drop of bird crap on it, and save all our pennies to vacuum out the dog hair and donut crumbs at the service station.

But why do we keep to such a rigorous cleaning schedule with something we don’t even live in?

Because Vehicle Appearances Matter

We all buy into appearances. If something looks clean, we’re going to think a bit more highly of the person who owns it. Shoes, clothes, houses, cars – we’ve all been socialized to believe they reflect the habits of the person wearing, living in, and driving them. 

And this perception feeds into our own emotions. We keep our cars looking clean, with as few marks and scratches on the paintwork as possible, because they’re a source of pride. You car looks good, you feel more confident out in the world.   

Because it’s Fun to Dress the Car Up!

Let’s think about it a little less seriously now, and admit the truth to ourselves: we keep the car clean, and add a few modifications here and there, because it can be fun. When you’re behind the wheel, and you’re stuck in traffic, being able to connect your phone to your radio with a simple aux/USB connection is going to help the time pass a lot faster. Turning your car into a private little party, with LED lights under the dashboard, and fluffy dice hanging off of the mirror, makes your commuting time a lot more pleasant. 

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Even Private Number Plates are going to add just a bit more sparkle to a vehicle. You can customize them how you want, get them registered with the relevant driving authorities, and now, you stand out on the road! There’s no doubt it’s your car now, and you’re always going to smile when you catch sight of the plate stuck on the back of your vehicle. It’s just a simple little pleasure, and might even add a bit more value to the car, should you plan to sell it. And that alone is fun to know! 

The way your car looks feeds into a lot of elements. When you’ve got a clean car, with no patchy paintwork or animal droppings all over the windscreen, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable driving it. And the rest of the people on the road won’t tend to mind your presence either.

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