3 Design Tips for Creating a Rustic Style Living Room

If comfort and old-style charm are priorities for your home’s interior design, then you’re among the 5% of homeowners who prefer a rustic or farmhouse style look for their living rooms. But creating a rustic feel in your living room or throughout your home doesn’t have to involve an expensive renovation or architectural restructuring. Adding a few subtle features can achieve a down-home aesthetic that leaves you, your family and your guests with feelings of warmth and coziness. 

Decorative Beams Add Farmhouse Charm

Exposed ceiling beams make the most of the blank canvas that is your ceiling, adding visual interest and creating an illusion of soaring ceilings that you’d see in a nature lodge. Exposing the actual support beams that run across your ceiling can be expensive and may require structural changes; furthermore, these beams may not be made from the most aesthetically pleasing materials. Adding decorative beams instead allows you to choose the materials, positioning and design to give your ceiling the farmhouse feel you desire.  Using salvaged, reclaimed wood with rich textures, arranged in criss-cross patterns will take you back in time. If natural wood is too heavy for your ceiling to support, you can choose faux wood that is lighter weight and still create an authentic look. 

A Fireplace Adds Warmth and Glow

A fireplace is the centerpiece of any rustic living space, serving as the focal point for the whole room. The positioning of your fireplace affects how you orient your furniture and seating, and sets the tone for the room’s overall ambiance. While fireplace design can incorporate modern and  transitional styles, nothing creates a rustic vibe quite like a traditional, country-style fireplace. The style of your fireplace largely depends on the material and design of your mantel, hearth and cladding. Even an electric or ventless fireplace can be made to look like it belongs in an 18th century farmhouse when it’s surrounded by a natural stone facade that extends to the full height of the ceiling. Using stone or reclaimed wood for your mantel and hearth will instantly evoke warm  memories of family gatherings and holiday celebrations. 

Choose Natural Fabrics and Earth Tones

Natural elements are key in designing a rustic interior, and this should extend to upholstery, carpets and curtains as well. Linens, animal skins, wool and natural fiber weaves make your living a relaxing space you’ll want to sink into for hours. Keep colors soft and earthy, focusing on brownish undertones that are reminiscent of sand, stone and soil. Accent pieces in plaid, patchwork or with natural landscape prints can enhance the rustic feel of your home and add pops of color. 

Transforming your living room into the country-style haven of your dreams can be achieved without a high cost renovation. You can incorporate just a few subtle rustic elements, mixed with more modern styles, for an eclectic and original room design. Choosing materials like stone, wood and natural fibers, as well as highlight features, like beams and a fireplace,  will keep your living room looking earthy and inviting.

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