Everything You Need To Survive Pretty Much Any Kind Of Period

Ah, a woman’s favorite time of the month: the bleeding days. Despite the nice reassurance that you are not pregnant, I don’t think anyone actually “has a happy period”it’s annoying (you never know when it could strike!), messy, painful, and can stain those expensive-ass Victoria’s Secret drawers. Thus, we present the Literally, Darling survival guide. Everyone’s period is different, so here are LD writers’ different ways of coping with their periods.


Birth control that works: “I’m on the birth control pill (happy 4th anniversary to being on it) so my period is pretty OK. Take away my pill and I will not be responsible for my actions.”

Birth control that works-ish, but you’re lazy: “The birth control pill I take makes it so I only have a period once every three months, so I’m pretty lucky compared to most. Still, when that month rolls around, I’m hit with bad cramps, a wicked hormonal migraine, and sometimes vomiting. I’m annoyed with how much money women have to spend on feminine products, so I try to keep it simple and am hesitant to invest in new products, but I’d love to pick more environmentally friendly things. Right now, my go-to routine is:

  • Off-brand tampons, usually Target. I also have used Lola tampons but they’re a little too pricey and the applicators are sometimes hard to use. I’m trying to convince myself to switch to the Lunette Cup, though.
  • Kotex liners (unscented, and they aren’t wrapped in plastic so I feel slightly better about the environment).
  • Imitrex for migraines, and ibuprofen (500 mg ) on the days it lingers you can get these from an online pharmacy.
  • Ginger ale or Sprite on days I feel sick to my stomach.
  • Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough—because calories don’t count when you’re on your period.”

Nexplanon: Got Nexplanon because my period was so bad that I was debilitated for days on end. Was also diagnosed with PMDD. My second one was inserted a year and a half ago and I haven’t gotten a period since then. It’s magical.”


Combination Eco-conscious + Try-Anything-Once: I am a great experimenter when it comes to my period, so I have developed a very specific routine.”

  • Lunette Cup: cups are the absolute best.
  • o.b. tampons: best shape for no leaks (Tampax are legitimately painful for me), and no applicator so I can discreetly palm if needed.
  • THINX hiphuggers: black. I use these instead of pantyliners on heavy days or on their own at the tail end of my period.
  • Always liners: no stupid plastic envelope, best thickness/odor protection.
  • Sanders Dark Chocolate Fudge: turns all ice cream chocolate-craving-ready.
  • Towels I don’t care about, sex. “I don’t get cramps but it does put me in a much better mood!”


PMDD + Anemia = Hell: “Before I got on the pill, I was suffering from PMDD, which made my period hard enough to live with. Add anemia to the mix, and you have a deadly combination. Since popping down pills and tablets every day for a week and a half didn’t seem like a great long-term solution, I resorted to a pre-period diet rich in iron, zinc, and magnesium: It didn’t magically cure me of all my ailments, but it did help a lot! And combined with ibuprofen, it did the job.”

Go-to foods:

  • beans and legumes
  • dark leafy vegetables
  • marmite
  • dark chocolate (I avoid dairy, so I definitely over-indulge with the chocolate)
  • meat (red meat especially)
  • magnesium supplements
  • green tea
  • cinnamon infusions

Thermacare Menstrual Heatwraps: “These were a runaway favorite among staff with satanic periods.”

Traditional Medicinals Raspberry Leaf Tea: “Raspberry leaf is supposedly good for the uterus. Can’t vouch for the science but it does help.”

Natural Calm: “Or just plain old magnesium supplements.”

Ibuprofen: “600 mg every five hours.”

Pads: “Either some big old diaper pads or Always Infinity pads.”



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