Can Meditating With Your Partner Strengthen Your Relationship?

There is no doubt that practicing meditation as a couple can help strengthen your relationship. Meditation is a practice with no end of benefits. In fact, even practicing meditation alone can have a positive effect on your relationship as it slowly teaches you to be more compassionate, tolerant and to become a better listener. 

However, the benefits of meditating together have the potential to go far beyond the effects of solo meditation when it comes to strengthening your love. Taking just a few minutes each day to meditate together with your partner can help heighten your connection to one another and deepen your intimacy. So how can it help your relationship?

It will strengthen your compassion

It is so much easier to feel and practice compassion for ourselves and others once we have found a state of inner peace. Meditation can bring us to that place, giving us the platform to experience deep relaxation, ease and openness. This can help us open our hearts and our minds to others which is the path to emotional honesty and true connection. 

If we feel uptight, upset or agitated this can cause us to close down and become touchy or defensive. Through meditation we can achieve the clarity and insight necessary to understand each other’s perspective and needs, as opposed to judging or condemning one another.

Meditation is a path to forgiveness

If you have had an argument or disagreement with your partner and there is a lot of tension in the air and misunderstanding between you, then meditation can help you find the way to forgiveness. Meditation well help melt away any tension and upset so you can begin to approach things with a clear head, and it will also help you both to put things into perspective, so that something that may have seemed like a big issue at the time, can seem a lot smaller and even insignificant once you have taken that time out to be calm and reflect. 

Improve communication

Making the suggestion to your partner to meditate together when you have had an argument is a bold step that involves some level of vulnerability, and while it may be difficult, it’s a good step towards resolving conflict and it shows your commitment to one another. 

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Meditation is a path to improved communication. If you feel that your communication is slipping, or that things might escalate into an argument, you can stop it in its tracks by closing your eyes for a few moments together and taking a few deep breaths before returning to the situation with a renewed sense of calm and composure.

Increase your loving connection

Meditation clears the mind and opens the heart and it can make for a very positive shared activity, which is always something that strengthens relationships. Syncing into each other’s breathing when meditating and breathing together can really help to create a deep connection between you. 

Being able to tune into one another in any way is an important prerequisite to empathy and understanding. Connecting in this way means that you can strengthen the love and trust between you, which are the two most powerful and important aspects of any relationship.

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