Can Lucid Dreaming Improve Your Sex Life?

Lucid dreaming has been the subject of a great deal of scientific research in recent years, so we know more about it now and the potential it holds than ever before.  But can lucid dreaming  improve your love life and your sexual intimacy with your partner?

What is lucid dreaming?

Put simply, lucid dreaming is the ability to become self-aware in a dream so that you know that you are dreaming. Usually when we dream, it’s a struggle to distinguish between a dream state and reality. But when we lucid dream we become fully conscious while inside of our dreams. This opens up a world of possibilities, as our dream landscape does not abide by physical laws, we can travel back and forth though time, fly, turn into someone else, or speak to a deceased loved one. Through lucid dreaming, if we want to, we can unravel the ultimate fantasy fiction dreamscape.

On the other hand, we could use the opportunity to experience and explore something that is very familiar to us but in a whole new and exciting way. Lucid dreaming of sexual intimacy with your partner can be a highly erotic experience, it can deepen your connection as well a make your waking-life sexual relationship more fulfilling. 

How to achieve sexual intimacy in a lucid dream

Being able to have lucid dream sex, whether it be with a partner, a crush or a sexual fantasy figure is one of the most attractive and compelling aspects of lucid dreaming for many people. It gives people the opportunity to explore their sexuality and try new things within the confines of their own dreams, without breaking any rules, or any unpleasant consequences, and most importantly, for some people, it can be with anyone that you choose.

We are wired for connection

However, many people’s experiences with lucid dream-sex reveal that it’s very difficult to be intimate with someone, even in your dreams, that you don’t already have a prior connection with. This is an interesting discovery, reinforcing the fact that as human beings, we are wired for connection. 

So the prerequisite to achieving lucid dream sex is to have some kind of relationship with the person in question, however fleetingly. So when it comes to lucid dream sex, as in real life, what we really want and crave is connection, a relationship and a shared experience. 

Reinvigorate your relationship

This means achieving intimacy with your partner while lucid dreaming is something that can happen naturally and organically. Many peoples accounts of lucid dream sex also reveal that it is a highly arousing and erotic experience, that can have you at a heightened state of arousal for what feels like a very long time, where you can achieve very deep levels of intimacy with your partner. It is common to wake up from such a dream feeling invigorated, and the desire for real life intimacy and connection with your partner at this point is even more heightened. 

How to lucid dream

There are many guides online that can teach you how to induce a lucid dream state. For many people it happens spontaneously, and studies show that most people have experienced it at least once. However, it is possible to induce lucid dreaming through meditation. And there is no doubt that it holds a great deal of untapped potential for people to improve their love life and sexual intimacy with their partner.

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