It’s Time to Get Rid of Clutter & Commit to A Minimalist Living Room

Our living rooms are high traffic area because we spend so much time in them. It is the place to relax, the home for chats, and more often than not when people come to visit – it’s where everyone beelines to. Due to this, it is really easy for it to get a bit cluttered and messy. Even with the best attempts at keeping on top of everything, it can become a fight between tidying up and the mess hitting the floor again. 

The idea of a minimalist living room can be scary for a lot of people – because it means stripping things back, getting rid of a lot of items and in the end feels like a really big job. But here are some helpful tips that can get your living room from overfilled to just right. 

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You are going to have to dig deep here. It can be really hard to think about the things you don’t want because we are always focused on the things we do want. We are advertised to on a heavy basis all the time, and it can be hard to resist the pull of a beautiful new sofa when the one you have is perfect right now. So, get yourself some sticky notes and start walking around the room. You’re going to have four categories, and you’re going to be strict with them. Donate, Keep, Trash, Sell

  • Donate anything that you don’t love or use, but isn’t at its best right now
  • Keep things that are used, loved, and/or will stay until it doesn’t work or isn’t functional anymore
  • Trash anything you don’t use, love, serves no purpose and is probably long overdue
  • Sell things you don’t like or don’t use, but are in perfect working order and not very old

Go around the room and really think about it. You have time to get it right, so don’t make any rash decisions. 


Once you have gotten rid of a lot of things, you can start the big clean. You really want to get into all of the nooks and crannies too. It will probably take you a few hours to get this done, but again you don’t have to rush. You should be looking to do the best job. If you have children that are old enough and won’t slow the process too much, then get them to help too. Remember that if you can move some furniture to get everything spic and span then do so. 


Once your windows are gleaming, from that big clean, you can really take stock of the view. It might be something really beautiful, or it might be the garden fence. Dress your windows as if they hold the most beautiful sight imaginable outside.If you are blessed with a good view, then you might like to arrange your furniture to enable you to look through the windows


Grey is such a calming color. However, it is often overlooked in favor of white or black. Grey is a very natural color that is usually found on beaches in the form of stones. It can also coordinate with a lot of different vibrant colors like yellow, green, or even pink. It is more interesting than the typical white and will let the light flow around the room really well. 


Adding as much natural materials as you can manage will help with the relaxed minimalist feel of the room. Big rooms can cope with darker woods, but in smaller spaces, pines are perfect. Wood can also be painted to match your overall color scheme and will still keep its charm. 

Think Japanese

It isn’t really surprising that Japanese style has a big pull for people looking for clean lines, color, and zen moments. Almost everything that comes under the Japanese inspired umbrella will be functional and beautiful. The aesthetic is typically very monochrome with some pops of red. 


Your light fitting shouldn’t just be whatever works. It should be something that adds value or interest to your room. When you think beautiful form and function then you’ll think Minka Ceiling Fans at Not only will it be an exciting addition, most living rooms really benefit a lot from the air circulation and the ability to cool the room in the heat. It is always worthwhile to paint the ceiling every few years too. White is the best option here to make it feel higher than it is. 


If you have a lot of kids (or dog) toys or niknaks that you really don’t want to part with, but you also don’t want to look at all the time, then you should think about investing in some storage that works with the feel of the room. If you have opted for a lot of natural materials, then wooden boxes or wicker baskets will fit right in. Additionally, make sure your storage areas are properly organized to maximize the space and for easy access to your stuff. For seasonal decorations, get one of these ornament storage bags, so your delicate baubles remain perfect and reusable when the holidays roll around. Use dividers for drawers to organize the items inside. Finally, keep working spaces, such as desks and countertops, free with multi-tier racks and floating shelves. 


Having the right artwork on your walls will elevate the room. Art has this magic way of being more than just a picture on the wall, it adds personality and shows your taste to all who visit you. You might choose to have a photo display gallery, with a lot of different sized frames and images of people you love. Or you might decide to have some large prints of your favorite artists. Take your time to curate something that you find visually pleasing. 

Go Green

In almost every image of a minimalist home or room, you will see potted plants spaces around the room. They bring some of the great outdoors in for you. And it is always the small details that pull a room together. It is often easier to opt for succulents while you get used to taking care of plants, then after a while size up. 

What people often forget is that they don’t need to do everything in one day, you can take your time to curate the room that you really want. Replacing or removing furniture as you go. It is wise to set an end goal date though, and always check out antique and thrift stores for unique pieces. 

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