8 Travel Apps to Make Your Next Trip Stress Free

Travelling has always been a stressful experience. Getting the right tickets for the lowest prices, finding accommodation that’s equally close to everything you want to see as well as the airport/docks, and generally working out how you’re going to travel and where can all be a major headache when you just want a holiday, or need to get somewhere important for work or educational purposes. So, why not download one of these apps, which will make travelling a breeze?


If you’re just looking for a quick get-away holiday, then maybe you should consider turning your holiday into something meaningful, with the help of Worldpackers! This app gives you opportunities to volunteer and perform helpful work abroad, turning a lazy city break into a useful and productive break from your everyday life. If you could help someone else (or, potentially, a lot of people) and also get the holiday which you need, then why wouldn’t you try out this cool app?


Once you’ve decided where to go and booked all your tickets, you’re likely looking at a long travel time before you get to your final destination. Instead of stressing over possible disasters or your arrival time, why not bury your nose in a novel? It’ll give you an exciting story to follow and get invested in, and, ultimately, serve as entertainment for your journey and a distraction from the anxieties of travelling.


Instead of forking out lots of money for an expensive taxi from the airport, or waiting around for local buses, why not hire an Uber from the app to get you from A to B? It’s a low-cost, low-stress option, and more and more people are using Uber, so it’s definitely reliable. Since it’s popular in many large cities, you’re most likely going to be able to get an Uber if you’re on holiday, so they’re a convenient option.

SAS Survival Guide

For anyone considering camping or going away from the beaten trails, you might get into a pickle with some of your survival skills, so why not have an app on hand to help out, and learn from before you go away? It was created by a former SAS instructor and soldier, so you know that all the information is accurate and will keep you safe while camping or even just taking a hike in the middle of your relaxed countryside holiday.


One of the biggest holiday stresses is what to pack – you always end up forgetting something, or trying to pack too much and going over annoying weight limits. So, why not move that stress into someone else’s hands: PackPoint’s hands, to be precise. PackPoint guides you on what to pack, even considering the weather at your destination, and creates a custom packing list just for you. Having a family holiday? PackPoint can adjust to include needs for children, and your list can be shared with multiple people, syncing-up your packing bliss.


Going to a new country, and need to gain some sort of quick fluency, just to be able to understand the language and how to order food? Duolingo has you covered. It will teach you, with mini lessons that could easily be accessed while travelling, the language of your choice, and it has a wide range to pick from. If you just want some entertainment while travelling, you could always try your hand at its fictional language options, like languages from Game Of Thrones and Star Trek!

Google Translate

However, if you don’t want to learn and just need a quick translation tool, there is nothing better than the classic Google Translate to figure out that menu or understand the pool rules. Instead of being left in the lurch due to not upgrading your linguistic skills before your holiday, you can get by in foreign lands fairly easily with Google Translate, and never feel the horror of seeing a sign with three words that all look the same and wondering where on earth the beach is – just pop all the words into Google Translate, and you’ll be understanding the language and on your way in no time.


Finally, if you need some assurance that your hotel won’t turn out to be a murky mess, and that the restaurant you’ve booked is vegetarian friendly (offering more than just a salad, hopefully) then Yelp should become your new best friend. Other people can leave reviews and ratings on establishments, so you can know the place and its standards before you even cross the threshold. No need for nasty surprises with Yelp, because your fellow travelers have been there, done that and wrote the review! Also, since Yelp is extremely popular, you will have a lot of reviews to choose from, so it’s unlikely that a single biased review of a decent establishment will ruin your holiday by dissuading you from staying/eating there, since there will be many other, more accurate reviews there for you to browse through and make a decision with.

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