4 Reasons Why A Bird Could Be The Right Pet For You

Did you know 67% of all households in the US have at least 1 pet? Having a pet can add a lot to your life but it’s a big responsibility and you need to think carefully about it before you decide whether to get one or not. It’s important that you choose a pet that fits with your lifestyle so you can be sure that you are able to give it the care that it needs. A dog, for example, isn’t a great idea if you don’t have much space in the house or you don’t have time to walk it every day. It’s not fair to keep a pet if you can’t look after it properly.

But dogs and cats aren’t the only pets out there and if you still want a pet but you don’t have the time to dedicate to something larger, have you considered getting a bird? Most people don’t, which is a shame because they actually make great pets. These are just some of the reasons that you should consider getting a bird as a pet. 

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Birds Are Very Intelligent 

People assume that birds don’t really do much apart from flap around and chirp every now and again but that’s not true at all. Birds are actually a lot more intelligent than people think and they’re incredibly fascinating to watch. There is still a lot that we don’t understand about how birds’ brains work but having one as a pet is always entertaining. Some species of bird will even learn to mimic your voice so you can have a pet that talks back to you. 

They’re Cheap To Look After 

The cost of owning a pet can be quite high and for some people, dogs are simply too expensive. But birds, on the other hand, don’t cost too much to look after. You won’t need to spend that much on a cage for them, you can get cheap food from sites like Little Peckers, and you shouldn’t need too much else. However, if a bird gets sick, there are not as many vets that are qualified to treat them and that does mean that the vet bills may be higher. 

They Take Up Less Space 

Dogs, and to some extent cats, need quite a lot of space. You can’t keep them cramped in a tiny flat, which makes moving with dogs difficult sometimes because you always need to make sure that you find somewhere with plenty of room. But a small bird doesn’t take up that much space at all, you just need a small cage for them. But keep in mind that they shouldn’t be confined to a cage all the time and you should let them out regularly. A lot of bird owners just put them in there overnight. 

They’re Easy To Train 

Birds love attention from people and they’re fast learners, which makes them so easy to train. Dogs can be quite hard to train and cats will barely listen to anything that you tell them, but you don’t have that issue with birds at all. The only issue is that some birds learn too well and they pick up things that you don’t necessarily want them to, so they might start repeating things that you have said around them.  (So watch your language!)

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Birds aren’t the ideal choice for everybody but if your living situation doesn’t support a dog or a cat, it’s worth considering. 

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