Perfect Coffee Cocktails Since It’s Still Hot as Hell

By Ashley Lipman

Have you ever thought of combining coffee and wine? In the past few years, the distinction between baristas and bartenders has gotten slimmer. If you are a coffee lover, you can incorporate the drink into your nighttime drinking.

Do you like both alcohol and coffee? Here is a fantastic article on how to make pour-over coffee at home.

Espresso Martini

Most bars will charge an arm and a leg for this chic drink but you can easily make your own at home. You can mix an espresso martini in many ways. The better the coffee beans, the tastier your cocktail drink will be.

Some recipes for making an espresso martini are simple while others are hard. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be able to make your drink quickly. To make an espresso martini, you need crème de cacao, your best vodka, and kahla. Mix them together and shake with an ounce of espresso to make a delicious drink.

Vanilla Latte

Most people love lattes and it can be very easy to incorporate the beverage into your favorite happy hour drink. The best thing about mixing up a vanilla latte is that it is much easier than making a traditional latte. To make this yummy drink, you need to brew up a great cup of coffee.

Vanilla does not come from a syrup but from a flavored vodka drink. When making this drink, you should pass on the vodka and use a cream liqueur such as Irish Cream or RumChata.

Dorda Café

When it comes to a cold espresso cocktail, the Dorda café is the ultimate indulgence. The drink known as Dorda double chocolate contains real chocolate and a vodka base. To mix the drink, you should pour amaretto, Dorda, and espresso into one cup and mix.

Top off the drink with foamed milk or whipped milk to make it more delectable. The drink can be served cold or warm, depending on your preferences.

Wake the Dead

If you have ever wanted to mix a shot of tequila with espresso, this is the drink for you. You can gulp down the drink or add some ice if you want to enjoy it slowly. No matter how you choose to enjoy the drink, it will be fun.

To make the drink, you need to mix Patron XO Café, which is a coffee-flavored tequila with espresso coffee. Mix these two with Patron Silver Tequila and you can start your drinking party.

Chocolate Coffee Martini

Do you have a sweet tooth? You need a decadent and creamy version of the espresso martini. The chocolate will appeal to your sweet tooth. Although this drink is a bit different from the other coffee cocktails, it can rival them on satisfaction and taste.

This drink is lighter than the other cocktails because vodka is not the main ingredient. The main stars of the chocolate coffee martini are the chocolate liqueur and Irish cream. Adding cold-brew coffee completes the sweet drink.

Bacchus Espresso Martini

Are you a rum lover? This is the best coffee cocktail for your needs. It is a favorite at top restaurants in St. Croix because of its lovely taste. With three ingredients only, you will have your new go-to drink: strong coffee shot, Kahlua, and Cruzan vanilla rum. To make the recipe great, you should pour in equal portions of all these ingredients.

Mixing alcoholic drinks with coffee can dilute the flavors. You should ensure that none of the richness of taste is lost. The above drinks will be tasty if you opt for coffee with a rich taste

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