Why You Should Think About Getting Your Masters In Accounting

Choosing whether to continue your studies after college can be difficult, especially if you’re considering a trickier subject. If you’re thinking about going for an Online Masters in Accounting Degree, here are the top reasons to go ahead. 

Job Demand

Demand for qualified accountants and auditors usually stays consistently high, much more so than many other industries. As the market becomes more global, more businesses need a good accountant to help them manage their money. 

As the economy expands, accountants will be needed to prepare and examine more financial records, and handle the documentation for companies. The higher demand for these kind of services means that an account with a masters degree should not only be able to pick and choose between jobs, but you should also be able to demand a higher salary. Many masters students even manage to secure a job offer before they even leave college. With no gap between college and employment, you can start earning immediately. 

A MAcc also gives your more prestige in the field, helping you to stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for jobs. 

Choice Of Courses

Did you know you can earn a master’s degree even without a background in accounting? There are a few kinds of degrees, which will suit different backgrounds. A Master of Science is best suited to those with a Bachelor’s in accounting, and who plan to work in public accounting. A Master of Accounting will suit an undergraduate with a degree in something other than accounting, who want to work in public or corporate accounting. You could also consider an MBA with an Accounting Concentration. 

Become A CPA

With a Masters in Accounting, you can become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) much more simply. In order to qualify to sit for the CPA exam, you need to have 150 hours of education in accounting. You won’t reach this with a bachelor’s degree, but with a master’s, you will. With your Masters, you can sign up to take the CPA exam. 

As a CPA, you will learn about auditing, financial accounting and reporting, regulations and business environments. A CPA is important for a career in public accounting. It can also advance your career, increase your business acumen and give your more credibility. 

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Develop an Area Of Expertise

Having your masters can really help you later on in your career if you have an interest in a particular area of accounting. Paired with a CPA, your MAcc can help you just about any position, but you could also have a lot of options for specialising. You could move into a position like Financial Vice President, treasurer or controller from management accounting. 

You might also find you have an interest in working in healthcare or charitable organisations, as the MAcc can give you the chance to investigate these areas. By getting an education in an area of accounting that you’re interested in gives you more expertise in the field, and better job prospects. 

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