How to Make More Money Without Hating Your Life

Earning money is something that we all need to do, but the process of doing it is usually so intolerably boring. Perhaps you sit at your desk, hoping that Jane from accounts doesn’t see you scrolling through Instagram again when you’ve told her that you’re so busy, you just can’t possibly take on any more work. Or you work from home, and you don’t seem to be getting enough of that $$$ to make what you’re doing worthwhile.

Whilst these things can be disheartening, there are a few ways to up your income and save yourself time.

Get up, show up, and don’t give up

So many of us are bumbling around on the bottom, doing just enough to ensure that we get by. You’re never going to earn any more money if you accept mediocrity, and just believe that doing what you’re doing at the moment is enough. Get up, try your hardest and don’t just lounge around every night when you get home. Self-care days are key, but there are so many things to do!

Better yourself

Sure, fighting for what you want relentlessly is important. However, you need to have the credentials and qualifications to show that you can do it. What would everybody else applying for that perfect job have behind them? What can you do to be a step ahead of them? Whether you do an FNP program or you read everything you can to impress the interviewers, be sure to better yourself!

Get rid of your limits

We all have self-limiting beliefs, and in many cases, they ruin our dreams. Suppose you want to be a writer, but you believe that those careers are for ‘other’ people, not you. Why aren’t they for you? Realizing that you can do absolutely anything is key to earning more money, and being happier in your life. You deserve these things, you can get them, and you shouldn’t hold yourself back.

Be wise with your time

There are plenty of people out there who spend hours and hours every day looking at social media, reading emails, and just generally procrastinating. If you want to earn money quickly, you need to be totally in control of your time. The more time you spend focusing on the important things, the more money you’re going to earn. That’s just science. Well, kinda.

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Ask for that raise

OK, so maybe you feel like you can’t get a raise. Your boss would never give you one, and you don’t really want to ask. The old phrase is true, though: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Think about what you realistically want, and schedule a meeting. If you don’t get it – and you believe that you should have – then apply for roles elsewhere. A stagnant work life and pay package is bad news!

So, if you want to earn more money in less time, then keep these things in mind. Why stick with mediocrity, when you could be earning – and doing – so much more?

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