Get Out of the City & Into the Countryside With These Alternative Homes

Are you struggling to fund your place in the city and wish you could find an alternative to expensive town and city housing markups? If you’ve been dreaming of a life in the countryside, away from the traditional highrises and shoulder to shoulder streets, we’ve got some property inspirations for your dreams to run away with and you’ll soon have at the top of your “aspire to live here” list. 

Why Countryside Living?

Cities are busy; full of people, cars, buildings and everyday objects that all contribute to increased air pollution, foot and road traffic and negative influences on your day. This affects both your physical health and your mental health, causing increased stress and leading to a greater chance of becoming ill due to increased contact with others and compromised immune systems due to higher pollution levels. 

Country living lets you escape all of this, cleaner air, less people around on the streets and on the roads. You’ll notice the difference on just a visit to the countryside, breathing feels easier, the air smells nicer and it’s generally cleaner and tidier than densely populated areas. Of course, you are further away than the resources that cities bring but that doesn’t mean isolation, picking the right countryside location is important with good travel links and nearby to local amenities while still offering privacy. 


For this reason, many people opt for living in a caravan park, rather than living in a purpose-built property that is far out in the countryside, accessible only by private, unserviced roads. With a caravan park or similar community dwelling, facilities are nearby and the park has guarded security. Additionally, all the luxuries of city living are available to you, such as full size appliances and comfortable sized rooms with the bonus of beautiful surrounding scenery. 

Caravan parks aren’t the only option for countryside living and there are a few quaint options that put freedom fully into your control while reaping the full benefits of countryside life. 

Canal/House Boat

Canal or houseboats may not seem like a popular choice but in places like Amsterdam, they are an extremely popular way of living that has seen many people trade in their riverview flat for an on the river location. You’ll need to learn to sail a houseboat, of course, but considering their slow speeds and low traffic on the riverways, it’s nowhere near as complicated as learning to manage on the motorways and freeways of the densely populated greater city areas. Wherever the rivers are connected, you have the freedom to travel and the main costs are mooring fees and boat maintenance, although you will want to check the rules and regulations for your local area.

Shipping Container Home

What if you could control the size and build of your house without it quickly escalating into the hundreds of thousands? With a shipping container home, the power is in your hands while still remaining cost-effective. Choose how many containers you wish to use, whether you are happy to use second hand or prefer brand-new containers, and how many floors you would like to include. Specialists in shipping container properties can take care of the whole process from start to finish with your guidance and preferences or if you are handy with home improvements, you can take on the job as a DIY home build on privately purchased land. 

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Resourceful Earth Properties

If you want to live in an efficient eco-property, there are plenty of materials to choose from in which to build your home from including hay bales, sandbags, earthbags, recycled materials such as glass and tyres and even the dirt on the land you are building on. There are plenty of in-depth guides on these type of earthly homes and how to build them however you will need to carefully plan accordingly depending on your local climate and frequently experienced weather conditions. 

Bricks and mortar and living stacked on top of each other aren’t our only home options. The next time you are dreading heading into the city, consider swapping your city dwelling and reducing your maintenance costs and your stress levels and choosing a new life in the countryside, even if it’s just investing in a countryside holiday home. 

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