How to Prioritize Your Well-Being this Holiday Season

According to a survey from Think Finance, 45% of Americans would prefer to skip right over Christmas. With all the responsibilities, obligations, and added finances the holidays bring, people believe it feels more like a burden. The first step to enjoying the season is to try and relieve some of the stress this time of year can bring. The holidays are a great time to celebrate with your loved ones and show gratitude, not the time to feel low spirited and anxious! 

Below are a few tips to assist in easing your stress as well as improve your overall well-being. Challenge yourself to implement these this year.

Plan ahead

It’s crucial to have a plan in place when entering the holiday season. When you have a system to base  daily tasks on, it will essentially help give you a sense of control. Be sure to create a specific list, as this will guide you along and keep you on track with the numerous responsibilities of the holidays. Figure out when you need to bake, shop, and clean. If you’re really strapped for time, online shopping might be the route for you. Whatever you choose, completing these chores efficiently will you give you more time to focus on the important things – like ice skating with your partner or Christmas tree shopping with the whole family! 

Forget perfection 

In the age of Pinterest and Instagram, the pressure of making everything picture perfect can be overwhelming. This only increases when the holiday season approaches. It seems that everyone around us has the perfect wreath or the trendiest ornaments. Instead of “keeping up with the Jones’” this year, focus on what makes you happy! Choosing to go with holiday decorations that fit your personality will help you feel more at ease. Invest in yourself this holiday and trust your gut. You are decorating for you and your loved ones, no one else! You could even get hands on and make the Christmas decorations yourself, with the help of some DIY Christmas crafts that will be fun to experience with the whole family. They won’t be perfect, but you will be establishing a lasting memory while simultaneously expressing your creative side, which has been proven to help reduce stress! 

Get up and moving

Laying by the fire and eating Christmas cookies is almost too easy when the weather begins to chill. While taking a little quiet time can be beneficial for you when stress levels are running high, it’s not always the answer. It’s crucial to stay active during the cold weather months. With your increasingly busy schedule, the time to exercise seems almost impossible. However, getting up and moving around has proven to reduce stress and ensure you to feel more centered around the holidays. Simply taking 15 minutes to do yoga in the morning or bundling up for a quick jog in the morning can do wonders to your wellbeing. 

Treat yourself

Take yourself out to lunch once in a while. You shouldn’t feel guilty because you indulged a little, you deserve it! Spending some time alone will also give you a much needed breather through the chaos. It may even help to journal during this down time. Putting a pen to paper with your stresses and concerns may make them seem less scary, and something you can easily get past. 

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Get off your screen

Try ridding yourself of all of your mobile devices and technologies. If you are away from work, there is no need to constantly keep checking those buzzing emails. Give yourself an hour or two in the morning to look at your social media, check emails, and update yourself with the current news. After that, be present with your friends and family. You will be surprised how much stress your cell phone brings to your life. Limiting your time spent on it will give you a nice sense of relief. 

While our well being should be a priority at all times of the year, it may require special attention during the holidays. Comment below with ways you show yourself the love this year. 

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