4 Places You Must Visit in London

Little surprise surrounds the fact that London is one of the most popular places to visit in the entire world. After all, it is a city that is filled to the brim with character and has so much to offer. Not only this, but London is a destination that provides something for everybody. Whether you like sight-seeing, nightclubbing, shopping, dining out, watching live sport, going to music gigs, or anything else; you will find a wealth of different options to choose from in London. Thus, read on to discover some of the top places you should visit. 

Buckingham Palace

Most people who visit London have Buckingham Palace high up on their places to visit. After all, the Royal Family is a worldwide image associated with the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official residence, but the 19 State Rooms that are open to the public. Nonetheless, it is worth bearing in mind the fact that these are only open from late July until early October. 

London Zoo

If you are a lover of animals then London Zoo is simply a must visit. You will be able to witness everything from bears, to tigers, to lions. Nonetheless, the standout point is undoubtedly the Penguin Beach. This seems to be a firm favourite amongst all those who visit. The zoo is the biggest in the whole of England and is definitely somewhere you will want to spend the full day at. There aren’t just animals to marvel over but you have everything from the unusual clock by Tim Hunkin to the ‘Animals in Action’ show. 


If you ask any Londoner where to go to when in London then they will tell you to take a trip to Camden. This is a lively and vibrant village in London. In fact, when looking to buy in London, many people will use a property finder to try and locate somewhere around here. The atmosphere is like nothing you will have ever witnessed before. This is enhanced by the pretty canal and the array of stalls which lace the village in the day and present you with the opportunity to buy everything from vintage clothes to classy arts. In evening, Camden is a popular place for those looking for a laidback and grungy nightlife. It is also a hotspot for celebrities too. 

Wembley Stadium

If you are a sports fan then you should certainly take a trip to Wembley Stadium. This is the home of English football. If you plan your trip carefully then you will be able to go and see a football match. Cup finals are frequently held here. Nonetheless, if you do not have such fortune then why not take a stadium tour? You will even get to hold aloft a replica of the FA Cup. 

If you are visiting London then you should certainly incorporate these four places into your trip. These all give you a flavour of what London has to offer, yet they are all different from one and other; ensuring you get the complete experience when staying in one of the popular apartments or hotels in London.

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