13 Wicked Gifts for Spooky Girls

Whether she’s your resident spooky girl, spiritualist, VSCO girl, or just really into the woo-woo, you know that finding the perfect gift for her matters. You want to tap into her aesthetic and give her something outside the mainstream that will have meaning to her. So we’ve compiled gifts to please all the witches this yuletide season.

Black Agate Earrings

$39.60 – Etsy


Doesn’t every spooky girl need a pair of black agate earrings wear when she’s calling down the powers of the moon?

I’m Sorry for What I Said in Retrograde Sweatshirt

$35 – Etsy


Let’s be real, retrograde should come with a blanket disclaimer and this super comfy sweatshirt (to ease the discomfort of your Zodiac pain) does just that. 

Amethyst Mini Geode Bath Bombs

$12 – Tamed Wild

Tamed Wild

Let your favorite witch harness the power of crystals and recharge their inner self with these bath bombs. 

Crescent Moon Wall Shelf

$89 – Urban Outfitters 


Doesn’t everyone need a moon shelf to help charge their crystals and hold their grimoire?

Tarot Card Enamel Pin

$13.99 – Etsy


For that friend who consults their deck before choosing their latte.

Support Your Local Coven T-Shirt

$30 – Etsy


Because witch power never goes out of style. 

Zodiac Altar Cloth

$13.50 – Tamed Wild 

Tamed Wild

Help your favorite Co-Star addict kick the app and chart the stars on their own.

Moonlit Garden Tapestry

$39 – Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

The perfect tapestry to hang over their alter to give thanks to the moon goddess. 

Crystal Skull

$12 – Tamed Wild

Tamed Wild

Not just for bad Indiana Jones sequels, these crystal skulls not lend themselves to the aesthetic, but are great for meditation. 

Viking Rune Layering Necklace

$68 – Etsy


Abstract, layered necklaces are trending right now, and what better than to give her a little Norse protection to boot?

Hella Sensitive Anti-Anxiety Mask

$15 – Haus Witch

Haus Witch

Is it magic or just a really awesome all-natural face mask? She’ll never tell. 

Cedar Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Balm

$15-50 – Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals

OK, this is something that should be in literally everyone’s stocking, but since this salve works like magic on aches and pains, I’ve included it here.

Spanish Moss Candle

$19 – Blackjack Wax Co. 

Turn their apartment into their dream swamp witch abode with the luscious scent of Spanish moss.

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