5 Ways to Keep Cold Weather From Wearing Down Your Health

Looking after yourself during the winter is difficult because the first thing you want to do when the nights get darker and the weather is cold is to hibernate. However, it’s important to keep yourself feeling healthy, so here are some tips to look after your health during the winter.

Keep On Top Of Personal Hygiene

With winter, you have a lot more ill-health because your body is initially trying to adapt to the change in the weather. And when your body is cold, it’ll start to fight off those toxic and harmful germs. That’s what can lead to us feeling ill, whether that’s merely a runny nose or having a bad bout of the flu. Personal hygiene is important and so to protect others from catching any colds, keep your mouth covered when coughing or sneezing. Make sure you have plenty of tissues available to get rid of the germs you’re sneezing or blowing out. And if you’re trying not to get ill, make sure you’re keeping your hands clean and carrying a sanitizer with you to kill any germs you might have picked up to and from your route to work. If we all took a bit more care in our personal hygiene, it would likely reduce the number of people who get sick. 

Drink Plenty Of Herbal Teas

What you’re consuming is important to keeping healthy during the colder months. You want to be drinking more hot beverages in order to keep your body temperature nice and warm. Herbal Australian tea can be a great way of spending winter months healthily, as they are rich in antioxidants. Don’t just drink it because you know it’s good for you, but you hate the taste. You want it to at least be an enjoyable experience. There are plenty of options out there, and so if you’re drinking a cup of tea per day, you’ll certainly feel a difference in the way you feel.

Take Vitamins

It’s always good to know the type of vitamins and minerals that your body might be lacking in so that you can work on giving yourself that extra boost. We all produce a certain amount naturally and through what we consume in terms of food. However, some of us may not realize that we have certain deficiencies that might be affecting our health or the way we feel. There’s plenty of vitamins out there to try including forskolin for example. However, before you go taking anything, be sure to check with your healthcare providers like your doctor or nutritionist to check that you wouldn’t be over-consuming on vitamins and that you’re taking the right ones that your body actually needs.

Give Your Body More Rest

Over the winter, we tend to spend a lot more time indoors. The reason why is because it’s a lot colder and therefore spending your time outside to some can be their version of hell. Either way, what you should be allowing your body more time for is rest. Recovering for your body is essential for it to be energized and ready for the next day, so allow yourself plenty of rest. Listen to your body and if it feels like you need some extra time in bed on the weekend or maybe there’s an opportunity to go to bed earlier than usual. The need to sleep more is definitely apparent when it’s dark and cold outside, so give your body what it needs and don’t feel guilty for that extra amount of sleep you’re giving to yourself. 

Wrap Up Warm

The cold weather for some can be the worst part about the year but never fear, the fashion for winter is always going to include plenty of jumpers, scarves and woolly hats. It’s good to dress up but to make sure you’re wrapped up warm at the same time. Don’t try and go bare-legged in the middle of winter if you can get away with at least wearing some nude-colored tights. Make sure that you’re layering your outfits as much as possible in order to keep yourself nice and warm. It’s not worth you getting sick, and it’s also a nice feeling to wrap yourself up in multiple layers of clothing. 

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Looking after your health during the winter is essential, so do what you can to keep yourself fit and healthy at all times. Wear plenty of layers, take vitamins and get a good amount of rest for your body.

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