20 Feminist Gifts for the 2020 Resistance

A few years ago Trump came to power and women everywhere joined the resistance. It was a movement of pink hats, hashtags, and marches that we thought could change the world, or at the least, curb the misogyny, prejudice, and bigotry sweeping the United States. But heading in to the next election year (in the midst of an impeachment), we find ourselves world weary, bitter, and tired of living in a constant state of outrage that seems to go nowhere. But this holiday season is the perfect chance to revitalize our persistence, find our fight, and not let the bastards get us down. So here’s a fun gift guide for the feminists, for the resistance, for the future female presidents, and the women who never stop trying to make a difference.

The Handmaid’s Tale “Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum” Enamel Pin

$12 – Etsy


Can’t lead the resistance if the bastards are getting you down. 

More Feminism, Less Bullshit Socks

$12 – Modcloth


Is there a better goal for a new decade?

Thank You For Not Being A Racist Sexist Transphobic Homophobic F*cking Asshole Ceramic Mug

$19.99 – Etsy

Charm City Inks

Is there anything she wants more than to avoid these kinds of assholes?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks

$14 – Modcloth


Doesn’t everyone want RGB for Christmas?

I Was Not Made To Be Subtle Art

$6.25 – Etsy


Wall art that refuses to sit down and be quiet.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Enamel Pin

$11 – Etsy


Unfortunately, ill behaved men do.

The Witches Are Coming by Lindy West

$18.90 – Amazon

Half piss your pants funny, half rallying cry for the resistance, this pointed cultural critique digs into the inevitability of Trump and the American mythos that had been tee-ing up mediocre white men to positions of power since its founding. 

What Like It’s Hard? Sweatshirt

$38 Brave Girl Club

Brave Girl Club

Channel her inner Elle Woods while she takes on Washington.

Feminist Sticker Pack

$10 – Etsy 


For laptops, water bottles, or even work notebooks, these stickers will leave no one in doubt of her beliefs. 

Grow a Pair of Ovaries Keychain

$10.11 – Etsy


There’s nothing stronger than ovaries, so her keys will never budge. 

Boobs Necklace

$37 – Etsy 


If you’ve got them, flaunt them and with a pair in every shape and size, she’ll never want to take it off.

Lord Give Me the Patience of a Mediocre White Man Coffee Mug

$16 – Etsy


A mantra for all women, especially those fighting the patriarchy.

F*ck Gender Roles Enamel Pin

$10.11 – Etsy


It’s a new decade, isn’t it time to finally do away with gender roles?

Elizabeth Warren Pinky Promise Unisex T-Shirt

$30 – ElizabethWarren.com

Elizabeth Warren

Show the next generation of girls what to aim for, and maybe by the time they’re grown being president will be what girls do.

Fight Like a Girl Enamel Pin

$6.37 – Etsy


Channel her inner Captain Marvel and kick ass like a girl. 

All Y’all Pride T-Shirt

$30 – Bitter Southerner

The Bitter Southerner

Simple and to the point, inclusivity is cool.

AOC Vibes Enamel Pin

$13 – Etsy


Show off her love of her favorite Squad member with this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pin.

LGBT icons Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera Illustration Print

$21.89 + – Etsy


Nothing will rouse her to keep fighting like a reminder of the past heroes who led the charge at Stonewall.

Ayanna Alexandria Rashida and Ilhan “The Squad” T-Shirt

$19.79 – Etsy


Equal representation matters, and these women are taking Congress by storm. 

Donation to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood

Whatever your budget, donating to a cause to help women everywhere protect their reproductive health will be the gift that keeps on giving for all feminists.

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