7 Wellness Travel Trends for Your Inspiration

By Nina Simons

Wellness is now a big part of tourism and it doesn’t seem that this travel trend will falter any time soon. And why should it? Peaceful environments with healing properties are beneficial for the human mind and body, making this type of travel the ultimate way to recharge the batteries and heal. So take a look at these seven wellness travel trends for your inspiration to find nurture and serenity.

Painmoons – the newest trend in the wellness travel 

Painmoons is the newest and revolutionary trend in wellness travel which showed that overseas trips are not only to celebrate certain things in life like anniversaries, birthdays and honeymoons. These are destinations where you don’t have to pretend that everything is okay and hide your true feelings. Specialist treatments are designed to help you through rough moments like the death of a loved one, break up or depression.  

The best places to go on a painmoon are those full of nature and lacking technological distractions like Kamalaya retreat in Thailand or Borgo Egnazia in Italy. There you can do yoga, hike, enjoy the spa and Ayurvedic treatments, as well as try floatation tank meditation and warm towel massage.  

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Healing holidays following breakup or divorce

Breakups and divorces are generally hard and while some people go through them unscathed, others experience an emotional breakdown. The stress is overwhelming and can lead to anxiety, depression and panic disorder which can disrupt a person’s life both privately and professionally. This inspired divorce-retreat trend to be on the rise since they offer stress management, life coaching, and emotional healing therapy.

Destinations like SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain and Gracefully Divorcing Retreat in Belize are perfect to get over heartbreak and heal emotionally. These establishments have divorce coaches, yoga studios and healthy food with various treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate.     

Transformative wellness

Transformative wellness is the combination of spa and boot camp where you can try all sorts of adrenalin boosting activities like kayaking, sailing adventures with turkstourcompany.com, and climbing. These retreats are for those who are focused on being fit and healthy by giving them a boost to get moving. Perfect for self-improvement, this type of wellness will fill you up with positive energy through healthy nutrition, outdoor activities, and relaxing treatments. 

Aro Ha Resort in New Zealand and COMO Shambhala Estate Fitness in Bali offer a holistic approach to getting in touch with yourself. Through massages, meditation, yoga and fierce physical activity, you will wake up your body and mind giving you the strength to face anything back home. Another great option is boot camping in Samui, Thailand. Not only is the place literally a PARADISE but the community is very welcoming and friendly.

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Active holiday escapes

Active holidays are a very popular way to travel and experience a destination through more than sightseeing and cultural offer. But this doesn’t mean that you will constantly be on a hike, bicycle or climbing rocks, but rather get you moving and physically active. You don’t have to be fit to go on an active holiday, only willing to change your life by getting used to spending less time in a sedentary position. Active lifestyle retreats give you the tools to build your confidence and change your lifestyle by adopting healthy behavior and habits.

Destinations like BodyHoliday on Eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia and Soul & Surf in Portugal are great to try some physical activity you usually don’t have access to. You will find a program specifically tailored for you to build your endurance and de-stress with massages and mindfulness. 

Rise of nature immersion getaways

Mindfulness and mental health are one of the top issues in the world today which inspired a trend to go to nature immersion getaways. Now these destinations usually found in the middle of nowhere are easily reachable by private jet flights, cars or ferry boats. Nature has well-documented benefits on calming the mind, healing depression and reducing stress through outdoor activities and simply being in the middle of it. 

Oceania is full of nature emerson getaways like Arkaba Walk and Body Camp in Australia and Le Meridien in Bora Bora. Here you have everything, from clear turquoise waters to dense rainforests perfect for exploring their waterfalls, plants, and wildlife. 

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Healthy fertility trips

If you are trying to conceive, then a fertility trip is an ideal way to boost your health both mentally and physically. During this trip, you will learn how to meditate, sleep better, eat healthily and use exercise to increase your fertility. If you have difficulty getting pregnant, this calming environment to remove stress and heal yourself may be just what you and your partner need. 

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Go to new and exciting destinations like Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman and Miraval Spa in Arizona which offer workshops, emotional support, and holistic approach. There you will improve the immune system and eliminate tension through guided meditation, massages and access to ice caves.   

Peaceful sleep destinations

If you suffer from poor sleep quality or disorders then you are overly stressed, exhausted and even suffer from depression and anxiety. Sleep helps us regenerate both mentally and physically to fight off diseases, stress and generally lead a healthy lifestyle. There are many wellness retreats in the world specialized in sleep disorders which offer programs and treatments.

Probably the most famous is the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz located among the mountains of St Gallen in Switzerland. This retreat offers medical consultations, sleep analysis and testing with access to thermal springs all part of its clinically designed Sleep Diagnostic Program.

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These wellness travel trends will inspire you to seek the best treatment for your body and soul. They are all intended to help you heal, relax and learn how to deal with stress and expectations of the modern world. But more importantly, they offer to escape from the chaotic and technologically obsessed lives most of us are living these days.

Bio: Nina is a lifestyle blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. In her free time, she loves to design clothes and furniture. If you wanna see what she’s up to you can find her on twitter

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