Popular Exterior Doors Materials

The Most Popular Exterior Doors Materials

There is a myriad of functions that exterior doors perform in our homes. They are some of the most critical elements in our homes. Apart from providing security for your houses, they play an essential role in improving the curb appeal and making our structures energy efficient. They play a great role in creating the first impression of our homes.

As such, every homeowner should pay special attention when buying new entry doors. Here we are going to highlight the main materials used for exterior doors. As such, you will be able to choose the most appropriate one depending on your needs and budget. Take a gander.


Wood has been the favourite exterior doors material for a long time, and it remains so up to date, and we can tell why. This door material is aesthetically appealing, strong, and can be easily customised. Another advantage is that it offers you a wide selection of wood materials to choose from, of course, depending on how deep your pockets are. For instance, you can choose from mahogany (my favourite), fir, maple, pine, etc. there are also different finishes you can choose for your wood exterior doors to complement the style of your house and enhance the entire beauty of your structure. You can also customise it in the way you want to fit any opening.

However, wood is not 100% excellent. It has some limitations. Wood is vulnerable to harsh weather elements such as extreme heat and cold and can bend, peel and warp. That is the reason it is recommended to use it alongside other materials such as in a storm door.

Apart from its vulnerability to extreme weather, wood also needs regular maintenance to keep it looking great. However, with all that, wood is one of the most preferred and used materials for entry doors Toronto.  Besides, if you are considering to use it, be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money on buying your wood front doors.


If you get a steel exterior doors that are insulated, you can be sure you have something with high energy efficiency, robust and secure. It is said than an insulated steel door offers higher energy efficiency compared to wood entry doors.

However, there is one aspect that steel doors are known for- they are the most secure entry doors to use as your front door. In addition to that, they don’t need a lot of maintenance as wood does. Besides, you can paint your front door in the paint colour of your liking. When it comes to cost, they are several dollars cheaper compared to their counterparts. 

However, steel doors, just like wood doors, have their downsides. Though they don’t warp or peel, they can rust and dent. Also, the wood-grain used on them doesn’t appear as beautiful as wood, and some may require high maintenance. In addition, they are not entirely customisable as wood. 

Fiberglass Front Doors

Fiberglass is one of the most used exterior door materials across Toronto. It is manufactured with composite materials that mimic the appearance of real wood. In fact, sometimes, you may mistake fiberglass exterior doors with wood doors. Just like insulated steel entry doors Toronto, fiberglass doors offer excellent energy efficiency as well as security.  Homeowners also have many options to choose from in terms of painting.

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However, these doors are vulnerable to fading when exposed to hot weather. However, they have very few limitations. That is why, excitingly, they are some of the most expensive entry doors.


When it comes to energy efficiency, durability, and robustness, aluminium front doors are in the same class with the likes of steel and fiberglass doors. They are also ridiculously low maintenance, and thanks to the wood-grain imposed on them, they don’t rust or peel. It is commonly used as patio door frames and as storm doors. 


When it comes to the value of your money, you want to choose vinyl windows. They come with all the advantages of the other doors fewer limitations, and despite that, they are the lowest priced. They are typically used for patio door frames.

When choosing a particular exterior door, it is essential to determine where it is going to be used as well as the prevailing climate in your area.

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