Homeowner Nightmares To Avoid This Christmas

Being a homeowner really does suck sometimes. We would like to think that owning a home would be a breeze. But in reality, all of the thoughts of having our own freedom, our own space, and our own fun, are shattered when the realities of owning a home truly sink in. It’s great in the sense that you do have your own space, and you don’t have anyone telling you what to do. As a millennial, gaining that independence had never been more important. But the rush to move out made us forget about all of the realities that people warned us about. From the money problems to the relationship problems. But the trouble is, once you’re committed to leaving your family home and making one of your home, you can’t go back. Some people do, but they hate it and do anything to get back into their own space as soon as possible. So, we want to try and take some of the nightmares away from you, and show you which ones you definitely need to avoid this Christmas. Keep on reading to find out more. 

A Little Leak Or Two

Leaks in the home are notorious for causing an absolute nightmare. It’s not often that a leak decides to show its face when only a little bit has leaked. It’s usually at a point where it’s pretty much flooding your home, causing an absolute disaster. There’s one really common way that this can happen at this time of year, which is through the roof. If your roof is already unstable, harsh weather could cause a crack, leading to water leaking in. Roofing contractors are out in force at this time of year repairing roofs before more damage is done. Prime Roofing is just one company you can call on to tend to your roofing needs. It might be that you need to first have a review to see what damage you have, if you have any at all. 

Another common leak to find in the home, is with the pipes. This one is a lot harder to predict than a leak in the roof. You can’t see what’s going on under the floorboards and behind the walls, and all it takes is for an eroded pipe to leak, and the water to start soaking the layers of the wall. As soon as the plaster becomes sodden, then begins the game to try and get it dry again. So, all you can do is look out for the signs, and make sure that you’re calling an emergency plumber in Seattle ASAP. Signs such as a damp smell, different colored walls, or bubbling wallpaper can all tell you you’ve got a leak somewhere.

Running Out Of Money

We’d go as far as to say you’d be lucky if you didn’t run out of money at this time of year. It’s just so easy to get carried away with wanting to treat others, that you forget about all of the other aspects of running a home that might need your money, such as when something does go wrong. So to make sure you can keep track of what you’re spending, and how much money you have, you could use the money tracking apps that are now becoming more popular. They allow you to see how much you should have budgeted for each part of your life, depending on how you set it up. It’ll warn you when you’re running low in areas, or spending too much in others. It’s a really good tool for those of you who are notorious for planning your money at any time of the year. You also need to look for ways that you can save money with the presents that you’re buying. Look on Facebook market, and on eBay, might be a good idea for you. Sometimes secondhand items are items that have only been used once, or not at all. Meaning you’re saving an absolute fortune on presents because they’re not technically brand new, but are in brand new condition. Going full price on all of the presents is an easy way to end up running out of money so quickly. 

Unwanted Attention

Every home is an easy target at the minute but some more so than others. We’re unforutnely living through a time where crime rate is at an all time high. Homes are being broken into in every single town, every single day. The time of year doesn’t help either. With presents galore in the home as well as all of the usual valuables, a home becomes very attractive. To try and deter anyone who might want to come in, you could spend some money on a fake security camera. Sometimes these are a deterrent enough make anyone not want to attempt breaking in your home. Leaving valuables and presents out of sight is also really going to help. The more they can see in, the more you’re opening your house up for a break in. Finally, setting the alarm is essential. You’d be surprised at how many homes don’t use an alarm when everyone goes to bed. But setting the downstairs one is a habit you need to get into every day of the year! 

Tantrums & Fallouts

Tantrums and fallouts are no doubt going to happen at this time of year. It’s a time when tensions run high, there’s a lot of money being spent, and people are arguing over who can do what for Christmas. To keep tantrums and fallouts as low as possible, just go with the flow. We often put so much pressure on ourselves at Christmas to out best people and be the host. When in fact, the best Christmas days are when you can totally relax, surrounded by the family that means the most to you! It’s a time to let go of family feuds, or at least leave them out of the home this Christmas. 

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