3 Weather Appropriate (& Cute) Hiking Outfits

3 Stylish Yet Comfortable Hiking Outfits Every Woman Needs To Swear By 

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your desires of looking nice. We know choosing the perfect hiking outfit can be extremely overwhelming, especially for all those who are looking to strike a balance between fashion and functionality. Whether you’re a pro or a novice hiker, these three outfit ideas are just perfect when heading outdoors. 

The Layered look for winter hikes

Firstly, pat yourself on the back for such a great decision! While you could snuggle in your blanket or read a book and sip hot coffee, you decided to step out of your comfort zone and hit the trail instead. 

For an ideal winter trek outfit, you need to follow the basic rule of layering up. Layers will keep you warm and insulated in the freezing cold climate. The first layer should be thermal wear followed by a sweater and insulated puffer jacket. Pair it up with your favourite and comfortable hiking trousers/pants (either black or navy blue colour).  

For the footwear, slide into your hiking shoes/boots that not only provide warmth but also help you maintain your grip on the slippery icy terrain.  Don’t neglect your head and hands, and make sure to wear a beanie and a pair of gloves to keep yourself warm. 

Soothing colours for summer hikes 

Dark colours, especially black, trap heat a lot more than light colours.That’s a good reason to ditch your black pants and tee for your next summer adventure, isn’t it? Instead, opt for light colours and the material should preferably be cotton. It absorbs sweat, keeps you cool, and is very lightweight too.

For a stylish summer hike outfit, rely on your tank tops, ladies! Wear it over a sports bra and pair it with breathable leggings or hiking pants/shorts as desired. Complete the look by adding your favourite platform sneakers that provide enough support to your feet and a chic pair of sunglasses. And don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen to prevent unnecessary skin burns and tans. 

The casual hiking outfit 

If you often go on short, easy treks, then deciding on the outfit should not be a challenge. From the vast outfit options available, you can pick jeans and cargo pants. In fact, these work well in all the seasons. In the case of denim, just ensure that you choose a pair that is lightweight, has a breathable fabric and doesn’t bother you while walking (chafing is no one’s friend).  

Alternatively, you can also stick to your sweatpants. Trust us, they are nothing less than stylish (athleisure anyone?). Don this look with a pair of your favourite sneakers or you can also opt for boots if you desire. And, if you are someone who likes to layer up, then step forward and add a cool lightweight bomber jacket or a basic shrug. 

Final Word

Follow these tips and you are sure to stand out during your hikes. Plus, you can also be assured of that perfect Instagram look against the magnificent backdrop! 
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Happy hiking! 

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