Improve Your Health (& Smile) By Quitting Smoking

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing an e-cigarette and taking the first step toward quitting smoking. However, no benefits are quite as compelling as those that are associated with your health. 

A lot of the health risks associated with smoking are well known, however many people do not acknowledge the extent of the damage they are doing to their body by smoking. We all tend to have the ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude. But, why run the risk? Instead, by investing in an e-cigarette, you can enjoy the smoking experience without all of the detrimental side effects. 

After a while you will notice that you stop coughing as much. After a considerable period, this coughing will stop altogether. There is nothing worse than the yellow color to your skin and teeth adopted from smoking. A lot of people turn to veneers once they have quitted so that they can have a beautiful smile. You will also get rid of this yellow tinge with a bit of help. 

Furthermore, by using e-cigarette liquid you will remove the risk of passive smoking and the risk of any diseases that are related to smoking. You will increase your lung capacity. Your sex life will improve as well since the body’s blood flow will improve, which in turn leads to increased sensitivity. The good news does not end there. By saying goodbye to traditional cigarettes your skin will look younger, your fertility will improve, you will feel less stressed, you will have more energy and most importantly of all, you will live longer.

Additional Advantages Associated With Quitting Smoking

Nonetheless, the advantages associated with using an e-cigarette do not end there. You have many other benefits to gain that are not linked to your health. Just think of how much money you will save. If you were to sit down and calculate how much money you currently spend on cigarettes per month you will likely be shocked. Now work out how much you spend on average per year. Then times this by five or ten to see how much you would spend over the coming years if you were to keep smoking. The figures are startling to say the very least. 

You may be thinking ‘well I will still need to part with money for the best e-cigarette’. This is true. But, an e-cigarette is much, much cheaper. Even when you need to buy more e-liquid or additional components you won’t be spending anywhere near as much as you do now. This is a guarantee. You can do the calculations before you buy them. You will be amazed. 

Other benefits associated with making the switch that should not be overlooked include the fact that you will have a much cleaner home. Your social life will improve as well. There is nothing worse than having to leave a restaurant or a bar every so often so you can have a cigarette. This is something you will not have to do anymore. 

Getting The Right E-Liquid 

When looking for the best e-cigarette one of the most crucial elements you need to consider is the e-liquid. The flavor and the strength of the liquid are pivotal. You could have one of the best e-cigarettes on the market, but if you don’t like the flavor, what’s the point? So, what is the best flavor? 

In reality, it is simply a matter of opinion and personal taste. You have a whole host of options to choose from nowadays. It is a good idea to start off with something that is similar to the cigarettes you currently smoke. Thus, search through the tobacco options that are available or indeed the menthol options if you smoke menthol cigarettes. 

Once time passes you may want to experiment and try different flavors. There are plenty of great options. This includes mango, peach, cherry, apple, banana, and other fruity flavors. Some of the best retailers even have the likes of bubble gum, coffee, Red Bull and other unique and original flavors. The only thing you can really do is pick the flavors that appeal to you the most and try them out. If you don’t like them, you know not to buy them again. But, in the early days when choosing the best flavor, you should stick to what you know. Eventually, the aim is to move away from smoke-like flavor, and then move to not needing anything at all!

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