Hip Bowl Haircuts for the Fashion Forward Men

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Back in the day, bowl cuts were seen as nerdy or boring. It symbolized a “home style” haircut as many mothers in olden days would cut their children’s  hair at home to save money. But today, they have become quite the stylish haircut for men who want a look that will set them apart from the rest. 

One of the best things about this look is that it is not that hard to achieve. However, you should specify which style of bowl haircut you would like when you are at the barber shop. You don’t want to add up with a boring, traditional bowl cut, especially when there are dozens of trendy bowl haircuts to choose from!

What is a bowl cut?

Essentially a bowl cut is a haircut that is faded from the neck but has a sharp separation clearly defined  on the sides and back to leave the impression of an upside down bowl (hence the name) However, there are so many cool variations for this style, that you won’t have trouble finding a bowl haircut to suit your fancy.

Types of Bowl Haircuts

Short and Textured

To style your short haircuts for men, use styling clay to ruffle the hair forward thus creating a messy fringe. Use your fingers to style the sides to form the bowl shape.

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Long & Textured 

Instead of clay, spirits a generous amount of sea salt spray on your hair to give it a wavy look with textured bangs and wavy sides.


If you prefer a more polished look, all you need to do is apply styling cream to your hair and blow dry it straight and slick to the desired style.

One of the best ways to add some pizzazz to your bowl haircut is to add a pop of color. If you don’t want to go too drastic, you can blend in contrasting shades of the same color, say a dark chestnut brown and a light ash brown. Or you can add a burst of blue, green or purple (or the color of your choice) to give your trendy bowl cut a bit of an edge.

Here are some trendy bowl cuts for men to give you some inspiration. Be sure to visit our site for hundreds of ideas for men’s haircuts!

Chili Bowl Haircut

This chili bowl cut haircut is a throwback to the 1970s popular look. This style made a huge comeback this spring and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. The best thing about this look has a lot of versatility and can be styled to look sleek and professional or fun and flirty. The chili bowl cut looks great on most men no matter how old or young they are.

This style is best for men with thick, silky hair but it can also work well with fine wavy hair in some cases as it adds a lot of volume. This particular style is shaved short on the sides and back and full of texture on the top with it’s slightly messy, carefree style. The full bangs are textured a bit to add more body and the two tones of dark and light brown add a multi dimensional effect that makes this retro style super hip and fun.

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Disheveled Bowl Cut With Voluminous Layers

If you are looking for a more modern take on the classic bowl haircut, why not try this messy long bowl cut. The long layers add a ton of texture to give it a disheveled and full body look. And the best thing about this style is that it is super easy to maintain. The sexy, bedhead windblown look will drive women of all ages wild!

Modern Bowl Cut

This sleek yet slightly messy bowl cut has a lot of length on the top but is not super volumes like the previous cut. It is great for a day at the office as it still looks sleek and refined. The long length in the front gives you the option to add some product to give it a sexy  bedhead look if you want to go out on the down after work. 

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