8 Ways You Can Help Your Aging Parents Be Healthier & Happier

As we age, we need more and more help. The sad thing is that some aging parents do not receive enough attention and care as not all of their children know how to take care of them. Below, we will look at a few simple things you could do to make their lives better.

Encourage Them to Be Active

Many older parents tend to be isolated and might not be active in society. The best thing you can do for them is to encourage them for adult day care activities where they can spend the day or part of the day in safe, secure environment.

Physical activity for the elderly is challenging, but if you do your research, you can discover several ways to help them become more active. 

Call Them Regularly

There is nothing worse for a parent than the feeling of abandonment. Most aging parents just want to hear from their kids. You could set a reminder on your phone to call them regularly, check in, and see how they are doing.

Get the Whole Family Involved

It is never a good idea to take on the responsibility of caring for your parents alone unless you have to. Updating each other on what is going on with your parents can help get everyone involved. It also encourages you and your siblings or other family members to plan to go see them at a set time. 

Getting the whole family involved also helps arrange for aid when your parents need financial help.

Empathize with Them

As people get older, they may become moody, frustrated or needy. This change in behavior is not uncommon, but you might need some patience to deal with it. One of the best places to start is to understand them and their circumstances. It may surprise you to learn that their change in behavior is due to something you might not have thought of. 

Also, understand that aging comes with so much loss – health, money, energy, mobility and more. It may take a lot of empathy to understand the position your parents are in.

Check on Their Home

When we age, simple things like taking care of the house can become neglected. Once in a while, walk around your parents’ home to see if there are any problems you could help with. Simple things like fixing security lights or the heater could go a long way in making them more comfortable.

Also, check to see if their house is accessible if they don’t have mobility and that every essential item and the emergency number is within reach. 

Get Them an Electric Wheelchair

If your parents are not agile, a traditional wheelchair might be too tiring for them. Instead, get them an electric one. This will greatly ease their mobility. Try checking up on retailers who have all the major brands so you can make the best selection.

Stay Informed on Their Health

Older parents might require medication. Start by understanding what their illness is and what that means for them and you. Next, take note of their treatments and medications. Also, ensure that you know when their appointments will be so you can ensure they keep seeing their doctor.

Help Them Keep Their Memories

It is common for older people to lose their memories. You could encourage them to make a memory book. A scrapbook works best but if possible, try to store their memories digitally. That way, they always have access to them.

Simple things can have a great impact on the quality of life our older parents have. The tips above could make a difference in how you help them.

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