Why Getting More Sleep is the Most Important Thing You Can Do

Celebrities have brought the issue of sleep to the forefront for a lot of people. Focusing on sleep was not something that most of us spent a lot of time doing, but then it started to catch on in popularity when books such as “The Sleep Revolution” by Arianna Huffington and “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling brought it to the forefront. 

A Changing Culture On Sleep

It used to be a point of pride to share with people that you had pulled an all-nighter working on some project or another. It was seen as the surest sign that you were a hard-working individual who cared about whatever project you happened to be diving into at that moment. Now, the culture has changed. 

People have begun to brag about how much sleep they are getting. Why the change? For one thing, people are starting to understand that more sleep equals a healthier and more productive life. Sleep itself is not the lack of productivity. Rather, it is an essential part of what our bodies have to do each day to cleanse themselves and help us be ready for the next day.

The Sleep Industry Is Rising: What It Can Mean For Your Appearance

Did you know that getting better sleep may result in better looks as well? It is not a magic pill or anything, but getting great sleep means that your body has the time that it requires to repair itself and heal up for the next day. Plenty of people see better results in their physical appearance overall when they begin to put a focus on getting the best sleep that they possibly can. 

The sleep industry has managed to capitalize on the trend of people wanting to get better sleep. Have you seen some of the mattress commercials lately? It seems like a new mattress company is popping up nearly every day and creating new mattress technologies that help us sleep better by monitoring the quality of our rest.

Beauty And Sleep For The Coming Of Age Generation

Sleep obsession and beauty obsession are two things that you can pin on the millennials. The cost of buying a home is getting more and more out of reach for many of us, and this means that making the space that they are living in more comfortable is a primary goal for these individuals. Therefore, buying things such as a hybrid mattress or other sleep aid products have become more appealing to a lot of younger people. 

Sales of products that directly relate to sleep or beauty are on the raise even as many other product categories are floundering. Sometimes, the market makes the rules, and sometimes we do not see it coming until it is upon us. 

While some may scoff at the choices that millennials have made, there is no question that sleep is very important for all of us, and the fact that we areso focused on it means that we are choosing our health and beauty above many other options. 

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