Is Detoxing Actually Good for Your Body?

By Natalie and Caitlyn Bell

Detoxing is a real rejuvenating process not just for the body but for the inner soul as well. It is the best needed thing for the body. It begins with cleansing your liver and followed by the whole body internally. 

The process of detoxification includes two steps or phases and each of it has a real series of steps to go through. But the final outcome is simply entire goodness to the whole body.

The first step involves the conversion of all toxic components present in the body into metabolites which finally gets eliminated via the excretion process. All organs of the body including lungs, kidneys, heart, digestive system, etc contribute its role for the final outcome of detoxified body. Therefore, you should try the nopal products in order to thoroughly detoxify your body.

If not removed these toxins upon accumulation over the period of time creates havoc of diseases in the body. Which at times in later stages gets difficult to completely cure. 

Issues like weight troubles, digestion disorders, hair falling out, skin diseases and many more are all because of the toxic residual components present inside the body. So it becomes important to follow a simple detox regime every month or after two weeks.

Some of the simple detoxifying steps which can be easily followed at home include:

  • Start every day with a lukewarm or cold glass of lemon water with or without honey. Lemon contains pectin which triggers the digestion process. The combination of all three in itself is a detox drink and curbs appetite, provides hydration, speeds up toxic removal from the kidneys.
  • Ditch all sorts of processed foods, canned drinks, and simply go homely by drinking freshly made juices or fruit infused water. For meals prefer light meals starting from egg scramble, oat-based breakfast, followed by light lunch and dinner. Just let the digestive tract focus on eliminating all accumulated waste instead of making it pile some more.
  • Have a sip of afternoon tea and ditch coffee post-lunch. Any herbal tea or green tea will be best and it will prevent calories along with caffeine havoc in the body. Going again for a herbal tea in late evening or bedtime is also beneficial to curb cravings and induce sleep especially at bedtime with Chamomile tea.
  • Sweat it out and get moving just for a walk or brisk walk to trigger the cardiac response and make the heart pump out more toxins throughout. It simply revives the heart and makes the body fresh again to take up new tomorrow.
  • While doing all this remember to avoid all food sensitivity products in case you have any allergies from food because that can become a barrier in the detox process. So avoiding soy, gluten, dairy, corn, processed or unprocessed foods both will be the best thing to do.
  • Also consuming more fruits and vegetables instead of carbohydrates and unhealthy fats will allow the system to better excrete  all sorts of toxins.
  • Keeping the portion size of all meals small helps in the early processing of the consumed food and focuses more on the elimination process.

Some of the healthy detox drinks to pick from per your tastes include:

  • Orange carrot ginger detox drink
  • Cucumber mint detox drink
  • Fresh vegetable or fruit juice without any preservatives
  • Cinnamon honey tea
  • Detox turmeric drink by simply adding turmeric pinch to boiling water, etc.

Infusion water bottles are readily available in the market and sliced fruits can be added to it filling up with water left over a period of time can give you fresh healthy infused water full of vitamins and detoxifying effects.

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Detoxing does not mean simply going on a fast or fruit and liquid diet. It  just has to be adjusted according to a person’s dietary needs and following a healthy and minimum food intake to allow the body to fully eliminate waste from the body. Consuming detox water or drinks in between helps a lot to boost the mechanism and trigger toxic removal as a reminder for the body. Further, a good 7-8 hours of sleep completes the detox process by allowing the body to relax and repair damaged cells during sleep after so much continuous active working of all organs.

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