Small Design Changes That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Living Room

It’s fair to say that the living room is arguably the most important room of any house. It’s a place where friends and family congregate, where family members have their comfort time and essentially, it’s the ‘life’ of the home.

Considering it’s the place where all the entertainment happens, it’s no coincidence that you want it to look appealing and luxurious. The problem you may feel as though you’ll have to make large changes and provide your living room with a complete overhaul.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can add a full-length mirror or a wallpaper to improve the ambiance of your space. These are examples of the minimal changes that you can make to your living room that can make a big difference to how your room looks. Here’s how.

Large art piece

Having an oversized piece of art in your living room can instantly provide it with a centre piece attraction. With the size so large it can be extremely eye-catching and moreover, provide a sense of expensive taste.

The best art is the kind that creates meaning and has a personal touch. If you happen to be travelling at local markets or come across estate sales, choose pieces that have a story behind it. They’re the ones that are more likely to showcase luxurious.

Long curtains

Jazzing up your window pieces in the right way can provide an instant luxurious factor to your living room. What home designs tend to mistake is in dressing them with short curtains. This gives off the sense of shop-bought curtains or ones that haven’t been catered to suit your home design.

Be sure to measure your windows before you head out to purchase curtains so they look like the right fit. Alternatively, to save a few more pounds you can purchase fabric of your choice and then have them tailored at your local dry cleaner.

For curtain rod and bracket designs, consider simple and plain options. Use a basic style that won’t take away the attention away from your beautiful curtains. Instead, make the curtains the main focus for your window dressing.

Purchase a large rug

Whilst a small rug may look cute, it can seriously change the shape of your room. It’ll make it appear smaller than it actually is which is something you don’t want for a room where many people congregate.

If possible, opt for a larger rug that covers the majority of your living space rather than just the luxury coffee table. This will instantly make your room appear more open and expensive due to the airy feel that it has.

Large rugs don’t need to be expensive either. There are plenty of discount homeware stores that provide great discounts on rugs. It’s just about doing your research and finding the right one of your choice

Consistent colour theme for walls and trim

The colour choice of paint and how you use it can dramatically change the appearance of your living space. Homeowners tend to stay reserved when it comes to trims that are located around the room. So, as a handy trick colour your trims and walls the same colour.

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Doing this can be far easier on the eye to visitors and makes it easier to decorate with accessories around the space. It provides simple tones and deeper textures to your colour that you wouldn’t normally find when painting a flat wall.

Alternatively, you can consider painting your trims and doors in a more striking colour tone to emphasise the architectural features of the room.

Add texture

A great way to add a bit of luxury to your living space is by mixing up the textures. Incorporating woods, metals and soft materials together shows a collected and less plain look. Be a bit creative with the textures that you use. Try adding velvet pillows to your wool sofa or for a complete luxurious look, choose leather pillows instead.

If you’re having to save a few pounds, rather than changing up your sofa completely just add a throw on your couch that’s a different style to your sofa.

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